5 Best Android Games of August 2015

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August was an interesting month for all gaming fanatics, first with the announcement on YouTube Gaming and the launch of many popular games from other platforms coming to Android. We surely had a tough time putting together the Top 5 Android Games of August 2015. Good games never get old. Don’t forget to rewind back to our previous roundup of the best Android games of July.

Fallout Shelter – Free

The Fallout Series is a series of post-apocalypse role-playing games. Having a huge fan following on other platforms, it finally made its way to Android this month and took everyone by storm. It’s a survival based game where you build the perfect vault, create a brighter future, underground! Oversee your community, get to know dwellers, find them jobs, provide outfits, training to improve abilities, explore wasteland, protect your vault and more. If you’re new to the series, make sure you take note of the in-game hints and watch out for a few minor glitches. Glitches apart, Fallout Shelter is a gripping game and will keep you glued for hours.

PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Maze – Free

Pac-Man 256 is an endless running game where you take on Pac-Man’s Map 256 Glitch running across maze, outsmart ghosts with 15 amazing power ups, take on new retro-ghosts, stay ahead of the super-villain – The Glitch to relive the memories of the good old Pac Man on Mobile and tablets.

Clicker Heroes – Free

Clicker Heroes – a massive hit on browser and Steam is finally here on Android! It’s an idle RPG where you fight monsters to earn gold. As you move on to harder monsters, you need to spend the gold you earn to upgrade to ‘heroes’ to improve your tap damage. Now with multiplayer support, this game lets you form clans and lead clan based boss raids and more making it a must try game.

Battlestation: Harbinger – $3.99

This month has all been about popular game series from other platforms coming to Android. Battlestation: Harbinger is a real-time space strategy game, set in a stunning sci-fi world where you will command the best ships to discover new technology,acquire new ships, battle against opponents with more advanced technology. Battlestation has a gripping story of space adventures making it an exciting option if you love strategy based games.

Down The Mountain – Free

Down The Mountain (DTM) is like Minecraft meets Crossy Road. The basic idea of this game as the name suggests, you’re descending down a mountain where you avoid obstacles, collect stars, prices, keep an eye on power-ups, swap among over 60 unlockable characters, complete over 200 missions. This stunning isometric arcade game is sure to keep you engaged.

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