8 Best Android Drinking Games and Apps for your weekend fun


Drinking is a tradition in itself! You could be having a drink-a-thon this weekend, or maybe hanging out with friends and colleagues to chill out, celebrate, grief over something. Or, for no reason whatsoever. Wondering which Android drinking games and apps can help you elevate your weekend drinking plans and get you a new high!?

Mixology™ Drink Recipes

Having a house party and donning the bartender’s hat? Mixology’s thousands of popular recipes are at your fingertips to try out all by yourselves. The app lets you enter all the liquor types you have and search the database for all cocktails you can make. It will also help you with bartending terminology and techniques.
Mixology Drink Recipes

Vivino Wine Scanner

Are you someone who wants to try out wine, or simply want to impress your date and not look like an idiot while ordering wine, this app is for you! Vivino Wine Scanner is a great wine guide and will provide info about names, types, regions and wine pairings. It lets you scan wine bottles to provide more details and also tells you what food would be the perfect match for your wine.
Vivino Wine Scanner

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid is a alcohol consumption tracker and a blood alcohol content calculator which also acts like a drinks diary. It also provides an estimate of your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on the drinks you’ve logged and indicates when you get below the legal limit or back to sobriety.
AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

Hang Over – Prevent Hangovers

Hangover is that stupid feeling you have to face the next morning. This app will help you avoid the dreadful hangover to help you drink without the fear of hangover ruining your next day. This app only works if you can monitor your intake and stop when you hit the limit.
Prevent Hangovers

Breathalyzer Cautoh

Breathalyzer Cautoh helps you find your approximate blood alcohol content (BAC) to see if you are within the blood alcohol limit or how much time you have to wait before being within limits again.
Breathalyzer Cautoh

Bomba Drink

Imagine your phone as a bomb which will explode when the timer ticks down. Answer a few simple questions before passing it on to your buddy and he will repeat the same. The person who’s holding the phone when the bomb goes off or answers a wrong question loses.
Bomba Drink


Tomanji is a turn based board game which has over 300 challenges. A challenge is estimated with shots/sips for scoring. The first to reach the target is declared the winner. It has traditional drinking games such as Drinking culture, Never have I ever, Waterfall, Jack sparrow, Seven, Finger, Not one drop, etc.
Tomanji drinking game android

Game of Shots

Game of shots is a game which has a bunch of interesting and hilarious drinking games, perfect for adding a dash of fun to your parties. The developer is active and keeps rolling out new games and features.
Game of Shots (Drinking Games)

Hey, don’t forget to drink responsibly and don’t throw your phone!




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  1. Lisa N'Paisan says:

    Nice list of apps! 8 years ago, my friend and I bonded over drinking. She eventually became a programmer while I became a marketer. This year, we also created a drinking gaming app called Drink and Tell. It’s a game that is perfect for a first Tinder date or amongst strangers at a party. Download Android or iOS version here: http://drinkandtellapp.com/

  2. Fernan-kun says:

    I suggest you try “Memes Drinking Game FREE”. It is a free Android drinking card game. Take a look 🙂

  3. Steve B. says:

    Mixology is actually a great app, and super convenient for mixer parties. Some of these apps seem to be pretty good at encouraging people to be social with their phones in public instead of just everyone looking at their phones and effectively ignoring everyone around them while looking at Facebook. Ah, the conflict of society in 2015 🙂

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