ASUS ZenPower 10500mAh Review: Powerful Lifesaver for Smartphones & Fits Your Pocket at Ease!

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Powerbanks have come forward to save your life when your smartphone was about to lose its juice during the much needed situation. Isn’t it? It won’t be wrong if we say that Xiaomi Mi Power bank just raised the bar by providing more battery capacity power banks at an affordable price. Soon after many other manufacturers followed the path as they saw the need for those in the market. Asus joined the bandwagon by launching its own powerbank. Here we bring you the Asus Zenpower 10500mAh review.


Why are our smartphones running out of battery though some of them comes with the 3000mAh battery pack? Is it a mistake of manufacturer or operating system or the applications they get loaded with? The answer to this can be anything. But end of the day we all want our device to be running a day long with heavy usage. They are many situations we feel there is a need of powerbank. Let’s see if Asus Zenpower 10500mAh is one that we can rely on!

Letz Unbox It!


Asus has kept it simple (yeah, like others). All you are going to see out of the box is,

  1. User Manual
  2. Zenpower 10500mAh powerbank
  3. A small USB cable which can be used to charge the powerbank as well as the device with mini-USB charging port

Designed to Perfection

One thing I have to mention is that ZenPower’s metallic texture is fantastic. The texture of the glazed polish seems to transform an ordinary mobile charger into a piece of fine craftsmanship. Power-to-volume ratio is one of ZenPhone’s strong suits. ZenPower is composed of three high-capacity 18650 batteries. It uses the new high-density single 18650/3350mAh battery cell, which makes it one of the better products on the market in terms of density-to-volume ratio.


ZenPower is even better than many 10050mAh mobile chargers made up of four 18650 lithium batteries. But at the same time, it has an identical capacity and is 25% lighter and more compact!!

The ZenPower’s surface is about as big as a business card, and it takes up about the same amount of room as a box of business cards. It has a single USB port that is used for both powering up and charging your phone. It can provide output of up to 2.4A and input of up to 2A.

It also has a power indicator. The switch has an automatic sensor that turns ZenPower on when it detects that a device is plugged in. ZenPhone will automatically turn itself off after some time after charging is complete or a device is unplugged. The ZenPower portable charger is covered with one-piece aluminum alloy outer casing.

Letz Compare with Others!


The one who has used Xiaomi Mi Power bank would easily say Zenpower looks very identical to the it. But with a size of Mi 5200mAh power bank, you will get the 10500mAh powerbank from Asus. When compared to Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh powerbank, Asus ZenPower 10500mAh takes just 75% of the size by giving 100mAh more capacity!

Letz Test it Out!

Enough praising, let’s test it out! When we got my ZenPower unit, it was nearly 50% charged, with two LED lights blinking. It took about 4hrs to charge the remaining. But the subsequent charges took lesser time. Like 7hrs to charge completely. Note: we charged with 2amp output charger like the Asus Zenfone 2 phone charger.


Confused about the LED lights? Zenpower comes with 4 LED lights which indicates the power left in the powerbank. For an easy understanding,

  • 0%- 25% – 1 LED blinking
  • 25%-50% – 2 LEDs blinking
  • 50%-75% – 3 LEDs blinking
  • 75%-100% – 4 LEDs blinking

While we testing out the charging range of devices we have, here is what we got,

  • Zenfone 2 & OnePlus One- 40% to100% was completed by 1hr
    Can charge Asus Zenfone 2 and OnePlus One which have 3000mAh battery twice with 100% charged Zenpower
    Can charge Nexus 5 thrice
    Can charge iPad 4 more than once

Safety First!

Very few companies follow the quality and safety standards while protecting the safety of powerbank users. But Asus claims to have equipped with 11 different safety features. With these measures in place, you can use the ZenPower without any wrong assumptions in mind. Here is the list of all protections :-

  1. Temperature Protection
  2. Short circuit Protection
  3. Rest Protection
  4. Input Over Voltage Protection
  5. Output Over Voltage Protection
  6. Input Reverse Direction Protection
  7. Over Charge/ Over Discharge Protection
  8. Output Over Current Protection
  9. Cell PTC Protection
  10. Adapter Protection
  11. JEITA Protection (Temperature Proection)

What else?


We also got a protective sleeve the manufacturer came out with to go with the chargers. The main consideration here is how to keep chargers from damaging other objects when put into bags. These protective silicone sleeves come in the same variety of colors as the ZenPower and serve to keep the ZenPower safe.

Verdict – Letz Plug-n-Play

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration at all to say that there are more than a thousand makes and models of mobile chargers on the market. But there is a big price gap between them. But it is better to choose a reasonably-priced ZenPower than to buy a cheap, off-brand mobile charger at a night market.

Yes, the similar capacity holder Mi powerbank is available at Rs. 999 via Flipkart. But if you are looking at the compact powerbank with the much needed capacity, ZenPower is for you! After all, you don’t like to carry another bag to dump in your powerbank when there is one which can fit your power at ease!



Asus Zenpower 10500mAh powerbank comes in 5 colors namely, Silver, Gold, Black, Blue and Pink. It is available at Flipkart for Rs. 1,499 (though the silver variant costs bit more – Rs. 1,835). Unlike Xiaomi Mi Bank, Asus promises to keep the stock always available for its buyers.




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