Bluetooth 5 with Longer Range, Faster Speed and Larger Broadcast Message Capacity is Finally Here!

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The device’s connectivity have a long way from infrared to near field communications. But one thing that is still being found in two out of three products preferred by consumers is Bluetooth technology. Adding on what is going to be next big in connectivity, Bluetooth 5 is finally here and is ready to be plugged into devices.

Bluetooth technology has been a one of the simplest and cheapest go to wireless connectivity for many years. The previous iteration, Bluetooth 4.2 was better being called as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE for being a connectivity tech that consumed lesser power. We then started seeing beacon and most of the shorter range tools going with BLE. But what came in today in terms of Bluetooth 5 can take the technology go reach the wider audience with its capabilities.

Bluetooth 5: Isn’t just a 4.3 standard upgrade, it’s 5.0 for a reason!

Yes, Bluetooth 5 is one big update for the technology itself as well for the consumers. On the technology upgrade front, the Bluetooth 5 gets 4x range, 2x speed and 8x broadcasting message capacity over the predecessor. This is a push for those who are looking for wireless technology that is cheap and reliable.


Breaking this upgrade and compared with Bluetooth 4.x,

  1. 4x Range: the 4.x had a range between 50-100 meters outdoors with clear sight or around 10-20 meters indoors with walls and other objects in between. The newer Bluetooth 5 will quadruple the range. Meaning 200m outdoors (up from 50m) and around 40m indoors.
  2. 2x Speed: again when compared to 4.x that had transfer speed up to 1Mbps and the newer Bluetooth 5 doubles that to 2Mbps.
  3. 8x Broadcasting Capacity: The size of broadcasting data size has been increased from 31 bytes to 255 bytes.

This is a big push to the wireless technology and a lot of interesting devices to see going forward. But, one question that arises quickly here is, how much more power does all these things consume. To answer that question, interestingly, Bluetooth 5 carries the BLE flag again and is better in terms of power consumption as well. In some areas, it can consume 2.5 times lesser power compared to 4.x. A coin cell battery can run the BLE device for long periods.

Bluetooth 5: When and Where?

The Bluetooth 5 BLE is now available for the device manufacturers and products to launch within two to six months.


In terms of where?, the Bluetooth 5 BLE is going give a much-needed push to IoT and home automation. Wireless connectivity has been the biggest issue with both these areas. Lower speed and the lesser range was blocking manufacturers to provide a stable product. With Bluetooth 5 features, along with improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies, continue to advance the IoT experience by enabling simple and effortless interactions across the vast range of connected devices.


Talking about the adaptability, no other wireless technology can match the install base of Bluetooth technology, with well over 10 billion devices. As per the analysis, we going to see 13.9 billion estimated wireless product shipments by 2020. In those, 1 out of 3 will be including Bluetooth technology. With the introduction of Bluetooth 5 BLE, this estimation might as well shoot up.

With CES 2017 going live in a month time, we can expect a lot of devices featuring Bluetooth 5 BLE. Where would you like to see this technology implemented? Hit the comment section now 😉




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