Bosch Unveils 3 New Models Under Home & Car High Pressure Washer

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Bosch has been around consumer-friendly products for a long time now. Starting from a small screwdriver to bigger solar panels, they have penetrated into every nook and corner of our daily needs. One of the channels out of their huge set of products is Home & Car High-Pressure Washer. Joining the array of already available pressure washers, the company has launched 3 new models whose price range start from Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 12,500.

Bosch Aquatak has been in the market for some time now. They are handy, lightweight and comes with a lot of advantages. One can clean their vehicle in few minutes with very minimal water usage. That’s not everything. Majorly it helps us in saving electricity that has been a big headache lately.

#ShineWithBosch Using their 3 New Home & Car High-Pressure Washers


In a closed event held in Bangalore, Bosch went on to add 3 new models to their Home & Car High-Pressure Washer category. They are,

  1. Bosch Aquatak AQT 37-13+
  2. Bosch Aquatak AQT 35-12
  3. Bosch Aquatak AQT 33-11

All three new Aquatak models were built for normal, mid and heavy dirty cleaning. The smaller Aquatak AQT 33-11 is for low dirt removal and mainly used with two wheelers. Mid-level Aquatak AQT 35-12 was built to clean four wheelers with normal dirty. The bigger Aquatak AQT 37-13+ is for heavy dirt removal.


Talking about the feature sets here is what each model exhibit,

Bosch Aquatak AQT 37-13+

  • Maximum Pressure 130 Bar
  • Flow Rate 370 L/hr
  • 6 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 6.53kgs
  • 1700 W Motor Power

Bosch Aquatak AQT 35-12

  • Maximum Pressure 120 Bar
  • Flow Rate 350 L/hr
  • 5 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 5.53kgs
  • 1500 W Motor Power

Bosch Aquatak AQT 33-11

  • Maximum Pressure 110 Bar
  • Flow Rate 330 L/hr
  • 5 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 3.8kgs
  • 1300 W Motor Power

The packaging of all three models, includes Lance, Water Filter, Machine, Hose, Gun, and Nozzle. They save water, saves electricity and saves time on cleaning our vehicles.


Bosch did show us some intense demos showcasing the power of their Home & Car High-Pressure Washers. Here they are

Dirtying the Vehicles

That surely not the usual dirt level we carry with our vehicles. But Bosch wanted to showcase them to us.

Cleaning them

Pricing and Availability

All three models are available right now in the market. Please find the image below for the pricing details. You might have to visit the nearest retailer to avail one or can be bought from online e-commerce websites.





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