How to check what all Activities Google Tracks about you?

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Before we proceed, let’s agree with the fact the Internet is open and service providers knows many things about us. Most used websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others keep an eye on us to track what all we do. Our profile is public and must live with it. To make it aware of its users, Google has launched as a website called “My Activity”. This website lets you check what all Google Tracks or knows about you.

My Acitivity, a web tool from Google shows all the information you do with the help of Google. A timeline that displays a huge collection of data like what you search on Google, Google products (including Android apps), and the web. However, you are allowed to turn on or off, such as location history.

What all Activities Google Tracks about you?


As said before, there is a huge set of categories Google tracks about you. Items in your activity timeline can be deleted, too, if you so choose. Here is the list of activities,

  • Ads
  • Android
  • Books
  • Chrome
  • Developers
  • Express
  • Finance
  • Goggles
  • Help
  • Image Search
  • Maps
  • News
  • Now
  • Play
  • Play Music
  • Search
  • Shopping
  • Video Search
  • Voice & Audio
  • YouTube

That’s a pretty huge set of data Google knows about you right? As simple as Google tracks about your track end of the day. Though one way it is helpful to know what all we do with the internet and Google products. On the other side the data are wide available on the web and can be accessible to prey eyes.


As per the support page for what Google Tracks,

You’re in control of what’s saved, and you can delete your past searches and browsing activity or turn off Web & App Activity at any time.

This feature might not be available to everybody as of now. But soon you will be prompted to have a look at the timeline and asked to take care of what all Activities Google Tracks about you.

Check My Activity by Google




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