Flyme OS Update Confirms Meizu Pro 6 to Feature Force/3D Touch Display

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Meizu has been out of the news for a while but looks like it’s for a good. The company is trying to catch up with other opponents to bring in innovative and futuristic force touch or 3D touch to their smartphones. That surely means their upcoming flagship smartphone Meizu Pro 6 to feature this display. Meizu’s chief architect for Flyme OS has posted an image showcasing the OS update handling Force/3D touch.

Force Touch or 3D Touch isn’t new in the market. We have already seen it on some of the smartphones already. Namely, Huawei Mate S, Zuk Mini, Apple’s iPhone 6S etc. But yes, it is still new in the market and companies are yet to catch up with the technology.

Flyme OS to Support Pressure Sensitive Force/3D Touch Displays


Having pressure sensitive display alone doesn’t suffice for the smartphone. There goes a lot of effort in software to handle the touches. Maybe one of the reasons why companies are yet to hop on to such displays yet. But Meizu wants to up the ante and already working on their OS modifications.

Yang Yan, Chief Architect of Flyme OS and Vice President of Meizu has shared an image on Chinese social media showcasing the OS update handling pressure sensitive touches. He didn’t stop there only. Yang has also said the company’s upcoming flagship Meizu Pro 6 will come with force or 3D touch display.


It is very early to say how this device turns out to be. But going by the previous iteration of Pro lineup, Meizu Pro 6 will again go with Samsung made SoC instead of Qualcomm’s. So the device might come out with Samsung’s latest Exynos 8890 which is powering Galaxy S7. But it might also be powered by Exynos 8870, a lower variant of a former chipset that is designed by Samsung for supplies to rival companies.

Talking about other specifications, the Pro 6 might feature 4GB of RAM, 64GB onboard memory, 21MP camera on the rear and company’s own innovative mTouch button. Well, it can as well go on to beat the latest flagship killer, Vivo Xplay 5 Elite smartphone.

Very early to speak about the specifications of the Meizu Pro 6. But it is interesting to know about pressure sensitive 3D touch display finally making its way to Meizu product. Also, about the Flyme OS updates getting tweaked to handle such displays.

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