Google Reportedly Bids Adieu to Project ARA! Dream of Modular Smartphone is Dead!

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise… Google is on a roll today and but it’s disappointing to hear! We are yet to digest the news about bidding adieu to brand Nexus and here comes the one reason to feel sad. The most awaited smartphone concept from the past couple of years is reportedly suspended by the search giant. Yes, the modular smartphone concept a.k.a Project ARA has seen an end today as Google says, enough!

What came as no surprise to those who were following the news is an end of Project ARA. Yes, the project had seen more of stoppages than the success. It was demoed to be working and about to hit a part of the world, yet failed to keep up with the promises. It merely became a joke that opposite parties wanted to crack the end of the day!

Project ARA – A dream modular smartphone concept remained as the dream itself!

An ambitious effort to build a device that had a better lifespan and reduce electronic waste is going to see an end of the road soon. Google has been working on the project for a couple of years and tried their best in turning dreams into reality. However, a modular smartphone with interchangeable components has been suspended in an effort to streamline the company’s hardware efforts, says the sources close to the matter.

Project ARA remained as a part of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group when Motorola got sold to Lenovo. Google kept the dream and revolutionary project to itself that aimed to develop a new breed of devices. The company had demoed the working model of modular smartphone back in 2014.

Google had announced the Spiral 2, a 2nd and working version of the modular smartphone in 2014 which was set to go for the market pilot in Puerto Rico in 2015. But the company shelved plans without any reason. Then we started to hear about the delay in project till 2016. Last we heard about Project ARA reaching to developers by the end of 2016. As you yourself can see, there has been a lot of delays than any solid proof of hitting the market.

We just heard about the end of the Nexus line of devices as Google shift to all new Pixel branded phones this year. A lot in the name of “streamlining the company’s hardware efforts”. The company is evaluating what is working for them. Hence, the end of a road to Nexus and Project ARA.

While the Google won’t be releasing the revolutionary modular smartphone, we might end up seeing them licensed to interested parties. They might still work with partners to bring Project ARA to market. Well, nothing is on papers yet. Google is yet to talk about it.

Is this the real end to Modular Smartphones?


If you are heartbroken like me, worry not. We have seen some semi-modular smartphones from bigger players this year. Starting with LG G5, Moto Z, and the upcoming LG V20, the phones has displayed the concept of modular phones. Though they haven’t seen much interest among the consumers, they are widely available to check out. Also, there are some interesting Kickstarter projects like Fairphone and Puzzlephone that are worth a check.

By the way,we also have a modular smartwatch from Blocks. Though the big giant has taken a step back, companies have started showing their interest in the technology. Hope it stays in the market and we see better modular smartphones reaching to masses.





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