Google Kills Brand “Nexus”! New Phones will be Called the Pixel and Pixel XL!

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Well well well, the hottest news from the Mountain View today is, Google is about to take a complete turn with respect to their upcoming phones. While the world awaits the launch of the new Nexus phone reportedly made by HTC, there isn’t is a brand “Nexus” anymore! Sources closed to the news says, Google will be bidding adieu to its most famous brand “Nexus”. The new phones from the company will be named as Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

It wasn’t quite surprising for the tech industry to hear this news as Google had previously hinted about the matter a few months before. The companies new CEO, Sundar Pichai had talked about making a non-Nexus branded phones this year. These were supposed to be more premium and a lot of Google’s hand with respect to the hardware.

Are these the most Premium Devices from the company – Google Pixel and Pixel XL?

By now you might have guessed about the names. The device codenamed Sailfish with the smaller 5-inch display will be called as Google Pixel and a bigger screen sized Marlin will be named Google Pixel XL. But wait, there isn’t much about HTC branding anymore.


But talking about the premium tag to these devices, going by the leaks, there aren’t the best devices in the market right now. Yes, Google just hinted about it and never came ahead and said that after all. However, what makes interesting debate at this point of time is lack of HTC branding. So far, every Nexus device carried the hardware manufacturer name. But the leaked images of Google Pixel and Pixel XL doesn’t carry HTC branding.

Well, Mr. Pichai had talked about this as well. Google has been a pioneer in software and search engine business till date. However, their hardware unit has been a weak wing so far and Google wanted to take hold of it with this year Nexus devices. He said,

Google is not planning to do its own smartphone (well, except the Ara modular phone). Our plan is still to work with hardware partners. But we will be more opinionated in regard to the design of its Nexus smartphones.

Now connecting the points, we now have a clear picture of the matter. Though it will be interesting to see how these two Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL will be marketed without HTC involved. This might as well lead to interests of OEM/ODM involvement in building future Pixel phones.

Is the brand “Nexus” completely dead?

At this point of time, it’s hard to answer this question. Google is yet to talk more about the matter. But going by the existing products list, none of them have Nexus brand or replacement planned for the older ones. This seems like the future of brand “Nexus” looks skeptical at the moment.

Google non-Nexus Phone

Also, looking at the new Nexus (as called so far) devices for this year, they appear to be unique which Google had talked about having a more opinionated design. They aren’t just a rip-off of any other HTC device. Thus making it more of a Google’s own design. They might well be called as Nexus until former Motorola CEO Rick Osterloh stepped in to unify Google’s hardware efforts.

Or something else in making altogether! You never know. It’s Google and they love surprises.

A lot to be looking forward with respect to Google Nexus. Psst, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This is really shocking news for a guy like me who has been a Nexusian till date. Should I be now shifted to Pixel? Pixelian? Ewww! What’s your point on this matter?





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