Google Play Store To Support “Family Library” [Update: Available Now]

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One of the missing feature for long that Apple users used to enjoy is finally making its way to Android. Google has finally decided to make app purchases shareable with family members/ friends. Called as Family Library, starting from June 2nd, any app purchased via Play Store can be shared among six members of the family by default (until and unless the developer opts out).

But, there is a catch in this. It is all up to the developer to decide whether the “Family Library” feature to be enabled for their app or not. Also, they will be able to decide on whether to make their app fall under this category, which was bought prior to July 2 or not. However, Google recommends that they are enabled in order to “provide a seamless user experience.”

Google Family Library – A way to share purchased apps with the family member!


Also, there is a limit in what all can be enabled under “Family Library”. The developer can exclude few items like in-app purchases and subscription products even if their app falls under library.

As per the APK teardown from Android Police,

When it comes to video purchases, for instance, we can tell that you will be restricted to streaming the same title on only one device at a time. Moreover, it appears there will be a restriction on the total streams coming from the same library across multiple devices.

However, in the end, Family Library is one of the most awaited features by Android users. Using which members of the family will not be forced to buy the same app again and again for every user. This can also help developers with the number of paid users. Like it?

Here is the complete snippet from support site:

When Family Library becomes available to users, up to six family members will be able to share purchased apps on Google Play.

Opt-in previous purchases to Family Library

By default, all paid apps purchased after July 2, 2016 (when the Developer Distribution Agreement update takes effect) will be eligible for Family Library.

To provide a seamless user experience, we suggest you allow users to share purchases made prior to this date as well.

To opt-in previous purchases:

  1. Sign into your Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Select an app.
  3. Select Pricing & Distribution.
  4. In the “Family Library” section, select the checkbox.

Users will see whether previous purchases of your app are eligible for Family Library on your store listing page.

App requirements & eligibility

  • Once you’ve made previous purchases available for Family Library and submitted your app update in the Developer Console, you can’t opt-out—your selection is permanent.
  • Your app doesn’t need to be part of Designed for Families to be included in Family Library.


[Update 28th July 2016]

Starting today, Family Library will be rolling out over the next few days and will be available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. To get started, sign up in Google Play, invite your family members, and start sharing what you love!




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