Google to Introduce Google WiFi Along with Google Home and Chromcast Ultra [Pricing Leaked]

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Look’s like Google is going to portray themselves as a hardware brand with a range of products lined up to be unveiled. Going by the rumors, Google is expected to launch a lot of other hardware focused on Home automation along with Pixels. The guys over Android Police have been the main source of all these leaks. As per the leaks, Google will introduce an own-brand Wi-Fi router called Google WiFi. It is expected to be priced at $129.

Google had already spoken about the Google Home in this year’s I/O conference. The goal is to Google Home to serve as the music and entertainment hub in your home, one that manages other speakers and TVs via Google Cast. Google Home is a voice-activated product that brings the Google assistant to any room in your house. We have already seen what Google Assistant is all about in Google Allo app. An AI is answering all your questions and its improvises itself the more you interact with it.


As per the latest rumors, the Google Home product is expected to cost around $129 which is $50 lesser than Amazon Echo. But it is priced equally as Amazon Tap. Clearly, a competitor for Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap is expected to be unveiled at Google’s October 4th event.

Google WiFi – An OnHub successor?

Google is expected to add more hardware to the list of products that are expected at the Oct 4th event. The newer one to get added is Google WiFi. It is a router that will be having  “smart” features built into it. As of now, there isn’t much information available about the product. But the source close to AP says,

Multiple Google Wifi access points (two or more) can be linked together to create one large wireless network.

The Google WiFi seems to be more or less a companion device to Home. But the above said sentence needs more explanation at this point of time. With respect to the pricing of Google WiFi, it is reported to be priced at $129.

Chromecast Ultra to Cost $69


Lastly, we now have information regarding the pricing of Google Chromecast Ultra. It is expected to be priced at $69. At this price, Google is expected to give away 4K version of Chromecast. At this price, knowing what Chromecast does, I would probably skip it and settle with Chromecast second generation.

If we look at all these products, Google is probably looking at creating a home automation ecosystem. Google WiFi seems to be working closely with Google Home and Chromecast Ultra and with AI in place, you can certainly have a droid handling your home end of the day.

What do you feel about these devices? Does Google WiFi, Google Home, and Chromecast Ultra, makes any sense to you? Share your thoughts.

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