How Could Competitors React to Nokia’s Re-entry to the Market?


No wonder the world is shocked, excited, eager, happy after hearing to the Nokia returning to smartphone industry in 2016. Obviously, Nokia has a huge fan base and they are really excited. However, there are few who are shocked and getting ready to welcome Nokia. Who else can thus be the competitors? Psst. Just Kidding!

Wonder how could the competitors take this news? Digest it, I say! But let’s check out their reaction 😀

Disclaimer: Before you go further. Don’t take it personally as this is made just for a laugh. It has got nothing to do with hurting the brand value 😛

Apple – Oho! So you are not dead yet?

I heard somebody saying my old arch-rival is back! Yeah? Bring it on I say!

Apple's reaction!

Samsung – Oh shit! You back?

I was so happy to eat your food. But you’re coming back is like..


Sony – Come on Legend! We had a Sweet Ride Once (together)

I thought you made it to the hall of fame. Sigh!


LG – Not again!

I know the shit I went through when you were here!


HTC – Oh god! Let me clear the path soon…

I better get ready now than later.


Jolla – Paapa aa gaye.. Paapa aa gaye..

I departed from you. But you still in heart and soul paapa 🙂


Blackberry – Take a deep breathe! My buddy is here!

We ruled the world once. You lost and I’m about to! But wait, you are back buddy! Go for a kill!


Xiaomi, Huawei, Micromax and all those new companies – Holycow!! Undertaker is still alive?

I was watching WWE few years back and thought Undertaker is a ghost who walks in always from his grave. I was so excited.. But then.. I know he’s real after listening to the latest news. I’m still a fan of WWE!!


Microsoft – I’m watching you

I ripped you apart and you still got guts to come back? Hell! What did I miss!


 Fan – Thank you! You were Good at Connecting People 😛

The generation which witnessed Nokia takes over the world completely and losing it due to wrong decisions, always wanted them to come back. And here we are today! Nokia Returns 2016 (not a movie, this is for real!). Let’s dance…



Nokia – I’m back bitchas

Yeah! Prepare for the celebrations..



Did we miss anything? Feel free to add up in the comment section. We will update it 😀





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  1. This is awesome. The don is back. Can’t wait to write start writing reviews on Nokia phones again. My favorite brand ever. Long live Nokia.

  2. AndroMan says:

    Haha, I always knew Nokia is gonna come back someday with a better idea. You just can’t keep them out for long.

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