How to Utilize World’s Top 6 Social Media Sites? [Infographic]

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With social media climbing the infinite steps of the ladder and expanding its origin to every corner of the world, we have got a really good infographic which demonstrates the advantages of each and how they can be best utilized!

social media

Without any doubt, we can strongly believe that social media sites are a means of communication for many of us. On an average, a person spends 15 hours 33 minutes uses Facebook per month. That’s not it, here are other facts about other social media sites as well:

  1. Pinterest is all about discovery
  2. 5,700 tweets will be sent using Twitter every second
  3. Twitter has 570 million active users worldwide
  4. Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide
  5. 2.5 billion Data will be shared on Facebook everyday
  6. Picture sharing social media site Instagram has got 150 million users
  7. With growing 925,000 new users every day, Google+ has 400 million active users
  8. Business oriented social networking site LinkedIn has got 240 million active users with 79% of its users are age 35 and above!

social media networks

(Click here for full size image | Courtesy: leveragenewagemedia)




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