HTC Halt’s Trading in Anticipation of “Major Announcement”

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HTC has been one of the major smartphone manufacturers for years and very few companies outside of China to do so. The Taiwan based company, HTC was first to jump on Android bandwagon with their HTC Dream. But lately, the company has been facing huge competition from the rise of Chinese vendors and was almost operating on the loss for well over year. So the company had put itself for a sale and we were hearing a lot of rumors going around on Google acquiring it. In the light of same, we may be all set to see what HTC has to announce tomorrow as they have halted the trading tomorrow sighting at “Major Announcement”.

HTC faced some stiff competition from a couple of years and was unable to make any major breakthrough. Though the company was picked to deliver first gen Pixel phone series by Google last year, it was just enough for the company to survive. Yes, the phones from HTC is way too costly compared to what Chinese vendors had to offer. But the brand with its iconic image of a lot of innovations had to see its end.

Complete or Partial Take-over of HTC (By Google?)

As per all the rumors that are making round in social media, HTC was in final stage of discussion with Google on possible take over. It will be surprising to see what is all the deal about whether the complete or partial takeover of the company.

Assuming most of the HTC’s top execs working now at Google, we might possibly see HTC being acquired by Google tomorrow. As HTC has two divisions namely, smartphone and Vive under them, we might expect Google to take over smartphone division by the company. This will surely help the brand in strengthening their own hardware division which is now head by Rick Osterloh, ex-president Motorola.

Well, HTC has gone public for a first time on this issue by halting their share trading tomorrow. This has done in the interest of not losing their shareholders and to avoid any panic which could lead to share price drop.

If at all, Google decides to acquire HTC completely, it will surely boost their VR division with the help of Vive team and advanced smartphone design end of the day. But Google had done the same with the latter part before with Motorola. However, they ended up selling it to Lenovo due to huge pressure from HTC on cross-licensing issue.

It will be interesting to see what HTC has to share with the world tomorrow. All eyes on Google? Maybe or maybe not if any other player is there to surprise all of us!





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