IBM Dev Connect: Connecting Developers to Cognitive Technologies

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If there is one company that is looking at a complete facelift from being traditional to futuristic, that is IBM! They were known as being a super daddy of supercomputers and servers. But now, the company is looking at futuristic technologies like Natural Language learning, Artificial Intelligence and most importantly, the beginning cognitive era! Yes, they still work on their core services. IBM Dev Connect was organized purely to showcase all of them!

We had a chance to explore what IBM has in store for the developers in their most crowded #IBMDevConnect that was held in Bengaluru on 17th of June. It was indeed crowded! There were more than 3000 developers present at the event and many were watching it live. Here are some of the takeaways from the IBM Dev Connect and its Cognitive Technologies!


Some of the key highlights of the event are,

  • A collaboration with Coursera to strengthen developers’ skills in India with new courses focused on cloud and IoT
  • developerWorks Career Concierge, a cognitive learning tool that delivers personalized resources to advance developers’ skills
  • The general availability of GitHub Enterprise on Bluemix Dedicated, the first collaborative coding platform delivered as a managed service
  • New cloud tools for Swift and Watson designed for mobile development and cognitive apps

3 Key Announcements made at IBM Dev Connect


developerWorks Career Concierge

IBM is also debuting a beta version of the developerWorks Career Concierge, a Watson-based personalized tool that helps developers progress in their cloud journey, regardless of their starting point. Developers answer a few questions about themselves and the Career Concierge uses the Watson Tradeoff Analytics API on Bluemix to provide a custom set of resources, training materials, code repos and events to help them advance in their careers.

GitHub Enterprise goes live on Bluemix Dedicated

GitHub Enterprise is now available as a service on Bluemix Dedicated, IBM’s collaborative, cloud-based platform provided in a physically isolated cloud environment. As a Bluemix Dedicated service, GitHub Enterprise is integrated seamlessly into the developer experience, supporting high productivity across the DevOps lifecycle.

Watson Developer Cloud Application Starter Kit

To provide an easy entry point into cognitive and help developers infuse Watson capabilities into their apps more seamlessly, IBM has launched the Watson Developer Cloud Application Starter Kits, which provides code examples based on common use cases. Developers can leverage Business Intelligence (combining AlchemyLanguage, AlchemyData News and Tone Analyzer) to analyze news and social media, the Conversational Agent (combining Dialog and Natural Language Classifier) to guide users through a series of tasks in natural language rather than the long form, and Audio Analysis (combining Speech to Text and Concept Insights) to extract concepts from a stream of audio and make recommendations based on those concepts.

Well, we have been talking about Watson, Watson everywhere, right? What is it by the way?

IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. It answers customers’ most pressing questions, quickly extracts key information from all documents and reveal insights, patterns, and relationships across data.

Watson Powered Robot – Processes Natural Language just like any other human!

Yes, there was a robot too was present at the IBM Dev Connect that was showing us what exactly Watson is all about. This robot was answering every question thrown at it. Danced for a music and then when left alone, it said “I’m tired talking to you all, let me rest for a while” and sat down! Boom! That’s crazy, right?

Here are a couple of videos.

Then we went on to meet a couple of interesting personalities who are using/working with Watson.

Tanmay Bakshi


He’s just 12 years old and in 7th grade. He’s the youngest developer to take the center stage of IBM Dev Connect to talk about his experiences about the IBM Watson. He’s having more than 10 applications built for iPhone, iPad, and an iWatch. Also, he’s working on his book talking about Swift coding.

This guy was way too matured for his age. We did sit down with him for a one-to-one discussion. We were blown away by the way it handled the questions. It was bang on. Spoke like a pro! He started coding when he was in 5th grade. He shares all his knowledge on YouTube. Helps others who have trouble doing the same. He’s an honorary IBM Cloud Advisor and currently working with his mentors from IBM to create IoT-enabled devices.

We never felt we were talking to a small kid. It was great talking to Tanmay! Such an inspiration to the current generation.

Simon Wheatcroft


Another interesting personality we met at IBM Dev Connect was, Simon Wheatcroft! He refuses to let blindness hold him back. He’s a visually impaired marathoner and run keeper. At the age of 17, due to a genetic eye disorder from birth, he had to lose his vision. But that never held him back. In 2014, he decided that the 26.2 mile New York City marathon wasn’t enough, so he started in Boston over 250 miles away!

Leveraging his experience of working with leading technology firms like IBM, MIT, and Google, Simon is creating the next generation of technology that will continue to enable himself and others to achieve what many bystanders would consider unattainable.

All-in-all, IBM Dev Connect has been a great event for developers to learn the futuristic Cognitive technologies. We too learned our bit from it.




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