Inkwire is a New Screen Sharing Android App from Koush

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We have seen a lot many screen sharing apps on Google Play Store for sure. But this application from the developer Koushik Dutta a.k.a Koush is what we waited for so long. We always missed a Teamviewer for Windows on Android platform. But Koush’s new application Inkwire fills that gap by letting you share your Android screen with your other member.

In case you are wondering who is this guy Koush is, well, he is a brainchild behind the famous Clockworkmod custom recovery. That’s not alone. He also built an application called Allcast for Google’s Chromecast hardware that allows playing any video, music or photo from the phone and laptop. Also, there is another application called Vysor, which mirrors your Android device’s screen on a computer.

Inkwire is a Teamviewer for Android Devices

Yes, I keep referencing to Teamviewer not just because of its popularity but also for what it helps us in achieving. But there was a gap for a long time wherein one couldn’t share their Android screen with another Android device. But wait, there is an app in the making, called Inkwire.

Inkwire is still in beta and works with well. It helps us in solving the issues our family or friends face with their Android device. Putting us in a tech support chair with an ease. This app also comes with built-in voice chat into Inkwire, so remote support is easy and practical, not requiring any other apps.

How to install Inkwire?

Like I said before, the application is still in beta stage and you will have to follow some simple steps to get it installed. Here are the 3 simple steps:

  1. You MUST join this Inkwire community. Otherwise, the beta will be unavailable to you.
  2. Opt into the beta by clicking -> Link
  3. Download the beta from Play Store -> Link

In case the download link shows “not available” text. Just wait for some time and revisit the link again.

How does Inkwire work?


In plain words, it’s damn simple to use! Upon installing the application, you will see a couple of options dividing the screen into two pieces. The upper panel with ‘Share this Android for another user to see’ and ‘See a shared Android’ in the lower panel.

If you want to share your screen, click on the “Share” button. It will initiate the process by creating an access code that can be shared with another party to connect. If that seems time-consuming process, you can send a link to another party. Sharing the code seems straightforward if the other party has Inkwire application installed as well.

Else by sharing the link will first check if there is an app installed already. If it isn’t, then will prompt you to install it. After the successful installation, the app will ask if they want to share their screen with you. They can choose to either cancel or connect, upon which the app will ask if it can start recording.

Technology behind – Geeky part!


To our geeky readers, Inkwire uses ‘Dynamic Links’ to achieve the last said sentence. This feature was first showcased in Google I/O 2016 as part of the new Firebase suite along with Android Nougat. This feature will let a developer deep link into an app before it is even installed. Meaning, there will be an app data in place even before the application is installed. Upon installation, the app will start working as per the commands inserted into the app data folder.

Free or Paid?

For now, Inkwire is free as it is still in beta stage. However, it won’t be after it hits final release. We are not sure of the costing plans as of now. But Koush has been thinking about charging $1 for 24 hours of unlimited usage (use with as many different users as you want in that time). So basically, every time your friend or family member needs help, it’ll cost $1.

So, there isn’t much solid proof about costing part. For now, one can opt into the beta version of Inkwire and try out the features. Tech Supports, you will love it!




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