Team Jolla follows Nokia! Will be launching their Sailfish OS Launcher for Android this week

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Its just been a week when Nokia launched their Z launcher to the world and today there is another company which will be bringing their launcher to Android. It’s none other than the Finnish start-up Jolla who will be releasing their Sailfish OS launcher for Android this week. Nexus 4 running on jolla launcher The beauty of Android is the way it allows users to customize their handset using third party applications. Android users have seen a plenty of launchers already in the play store. What makes Team Jolla think their launcher will stay out and give some competition?

About Jolla

Team Jolla is a same team which worked on Nokia’s MeeGo OS, which didn’t see any future and got discarded after being released on a single handset. But the team didn’t lose hopes on their OS. They came out and built a Sailfish OS last year and have released a smartphone that runs under it, the Jolla Phone.

What can Jolla Launcher deliver?

Yes, the name of the launcher will be Jolla Launcher named after the company. The salient feature of this launcher will be on showcasing the capabilities of the gesture. That means, we will hardly need any buttons to navigate through the apps and the device. User can switch from an app to the home screen with only a swipe from the left. However the sneak peak feature which allows user to switch between apps by long holding the swipe from right is missing at the moment. Moreover, the launcher replaces the Menu Key with a pull-down menu and also brings along vertically scrollable lock screen, home screen, and app drawer. This is absolutely new to Android users and might sure grab some attraction around it. Unfortunately, the launcher will be available only in an Alpha version for the time being, and only for a series of devices running under Android 4.3 or up, including Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Video Demo

How to get it?

If you’re interested to join, this is what you should do:

  1. Send an email to from your Google account
  2. Include the following information: your name, and which device(s) you’re using
  3. Wait to receive the Google Play installation link and further instructions


  • You have a Nexus 4 (or 5) device, or some other device which runs Android 4.3 or later
  • You have a Google account
  • You’re willing to give feedback and report issues via

Please note: the end date for joining the alpha testing group is June 27. The reason behind taking the email address is to auto registering you to the Community Alpha and keeping you informed of the progress of the testing. However, Jolla promises to remove the account after the end of the Community Alpha. Users will surely see some bugs and lags as it is still in alpha version. For those who want to stay away, this launcher will surely come out of beta someday. So just wait for it!




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