LG CNS Releases Final Version of Android SDK for Robots!

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Should I say, the world is coming to end as Robots are going to take away jobs from us? Well, a lot is happening on the Internet of Things (IoT) arena these days. Fairly six months ago, we got to see a robot made by Softbank were announced for to serve a purpose. But the heart of this robot was provided by LG Electronics’s subsidiary firm LG CNS. Today, the company released a final build of their Android SDK for Robots! It’s happening! Seriously!

During this year’s Google I/O, both the companies had unveiled the SDK the first time. This SDK was purely tweaked for Pepper Robot, a bipedal robot made by Softbank Robotics. But the Android SDK for Robots was still on beta stage until today!

Android SDK for Robots and it comes from LG!


As said before LG’s subsidiary firm LG CNS is building the Android-powered robot OS that works on the tablets affixed to Pepper’s chest. Also, LG is the sole supplier of that tablet to Pepper Robot. In the nutshell, LG becomes the heart of this robot that is gearing up do some miracles around.

As per LG CNS,

Android developers can build applications to control the movements of Pepper using the Animation Timeline program co-developed by LG CNS and Software Robotics

With widespread Android developers around the world, this could eventually become the mind-blowing pathway to build some awesome applications for Pepper. So the robot needs the human touch to take him at the end of the day. Isn’t it?

Currently, Pepper is gearing up for its first internship at b8ta retail store in San Francisco. The internship starts August 11th, and will involve Pepper greeting and guiding customers. A real test for the robot begins there that will test human v/s robot strengths. All thanks to IoT! Remember we recently shared about what IBM’s Watson is up to? These robots are smart and we are building it.

In case you are keen on building something for Pepper, the final Android SDK for robots by LG CNS is available Softbank Robotics’ website. It is currently available for the Windows and Linux users.

Think before you start building something out of Android SDK for robots. Ultimately, it might replace you one day!




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