MediaTek’s Pump Express 3.0 can Quick Charge Battery from 0-70% in 20 Minutes

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As the smartphones are becoming more powerful day by day, the need for the huge battery is increasing significantly. Well, that again adds up to the thickness of the device. All that can save is a better battery technology that can quickly charge the smartphone and make it ready for use in a mere few minutes. Qualcomm has its Quick Charge, Oppo has its Super VOOC, ASUS with BoostMaster and MediaTek has its Pump Express. While all others except the latter have fast charging in place, MediaTek has finally upgraded the tech to Pump Express 3.0 that makes use of USB Type-C for power delivery.

As per MediaTek, the new processors from the company will allow users to charge their phones from 0 percent battery to 70 percent in 20 minutes using Pump Express 3.0 technology. Yes, it all goes back to chipset providers to add any feature at the core level.

How does Pump Express 3.0 works and better than Qualcomm’s Quick Charge?


First of all, MediaTek is going to put a switch on the phone that can allow the current to circulate directly from the adapter to the battery. This can, in turn, reduce the power dissipation by 50% and reduces overheating while charging significantly.


Secondly, there is a bidirectional communication between the phone and the adapter with over 20 safety mechanisms that monitor the temperature and adjust the voltage for optimal recharging times.

MediaTek isn’t the only one that provides fast charging technology. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 can charge 80 percent charge in 35 minutes, Oppo’s Super VOOC can charge the battery completely in 15mins compared to MediaTek’s Pump Express 3.0’s 70% charge in 20minutes. While there isn’t mention about the battery capacity and which traditional charging way MediaTek used to show this result, we expect it was run over all possible scenarios.


Also, MediaTek has an edge over Qualcomm in delivering fast charging over USB-C Power Delivery by eliminating VBUS current modulation that has put Qualcomm’s Quick Charge in not complying mode with the USB-C specs.

MediaTek’s Pump Express 3.0 will be made available in next-gen Helio series of chipset P20 and the devices are expected to roll out by the end of 2016 or early 2017. The company also says that the technology will also be available in future smartphone chipsets and can be added to MediaTek smartphone SoCs upon request by customers. Good to see that MediaTek finally making a right move to catch up with the competition.




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