Here are the first images of MotoMods a.k.a Modular Black Panels for Moto Z Courtesy @EvLeaks

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While the smartphone market just got the breeze of (semi-) modularity courtesy LG’s flagship device G5, Motorola is prepping something really cool. Not so long ago, we got to hear about the upcoming Moto Z, a name swap version of earlier known Moto X is going modular this year. There have been numerous stories pointing at having eight pin socket behind the phone that could accept modules to make it a modular smartphone in the end. Well, today we get to see a few of those modules that could eventually be called as MotoMods. Thanks @evleaks a.k.a Evan Blass for showing us how it looks.

Google has just gone official about the project ARA at I/O 2016 that it will be shipped to developers by this year end and will make it to the consumer market in 2017. That still long way to go and knowing that Google has already missed their once, we are still skeptical about it. But it’s great to see companies like LG and Motorola taking steps towards building modular smartphones.

MotoMods – Making Moto Z a Modular Smartphone

Well, what we get to hear from @evleaks today is, the MotoMods are indeed real and he has got a picture of three of those.


Looking at the picture of MotoMods, it looks like the Modules are basically built for a better camera, additional battery and no idea about the last one. But it looks like the camera module is some serious expansion of the capabilities of the smartphone with a flash technology, an additional lens, and a dedicated shutter button.

These are obviously back panels. But matching it with the older leaks about the design of the phone itself, these modules seems to be plugged on top of the back panel rather than just a swapper. So making the phone look thicker and bulkier? You betcha!


Apart from these, the higher end Moto Z that is going to be modular with MotoMods is going to be powered by Snapdragon 820 and 3GB of RAM. The lower end smartphone is expected to feature Snapdragon 625. Both the smartphones are supposed to come with a 3000mAh battery.


It might always be a false alarm in the end as these are just rumors and leaks for now. So take this news with a pinch of salt. But we would seriously love to see them in reality. As Motorola has got an announcement to make on June 9th, you better be ready to witness some extraordinary stuff out there.





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