Mozilla Bids Adieu to Firefox OS for Smartphones in Favor of Bringing the Power of the “Web to IoT”

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Well, another innovative and end-user driver project comes to an end! Disappointed, but maybe a wise step from Mozilla though. Just a year old product from Mozilla from seeing an end soon. Firefox OS for smartphones is dead officially! However, there is something amazing cooking up under the hood and the company is trying to catch up to current trends.

Talking about the Mozilla’s Firefox OS for phones, it was the ambitious attempt by the company to bring the power of the web to smartphone worthy OS. There were few smartphones, which did get powered by Firefox OS. The company never wanted to compete against the costly Android powered devices or iPhones. It was always intended to target the budget devices. In turn, they wanted to rule the budget segment as well as bring smart features to this segment.

Firefox OS for Smartphones is dead! What next?

The email that was sent to developers today said,

We will end development of Firefox OS for smartphones after the version 2.6 release.

It will as well shut down the marketplace from March 29.

Well, this is not the end of experiments Mozilla does. The company is getting into something bigger. This is what is going to happen,

  1. End of Firefox OS for smartphones after the version 2.6 release.
  2. As of March 29, 2016, Marketplace will no longer accept submissions for Android, Desktop and Tablet, we will remove all apps that don’t support Firefox OS.
  3. Firefox OS for smartphones will no longer have staff involvement beyond May.
  4. The Connected Devices team has been testing out a new product innovation process with staff, 3 products have passed the first “gate” and many more are in the pipeline.
  5. The foxfooding program will continue and will focus on these new product innovations (rather than improving the smartphone experience).

The company has already started testing the new Firefox OS on the smart TVs and there are two more projects that are yet to be disclosed. Also, about a dozen more projects are prepping for review. We are going to see/hear more about this “Web to IoT” in the first half of the year.

That’s it! Firefox OS for Smartphones has shown the doors and goes to a history book.

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