My Nexus 6P Faced a Terrible Accident. What Happened Next is Really Shocking!

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For all who have used a Nokia during the early and the mid-2000’s always come across this thing in their minds about how durable today’s phones are(No, we are not even going to consider anything that could be Nokia 3310 strong. Ever. Peace.). Yes, for those who have ever used Nokia phones during 2000’s will tell “my phone fell from the 2nd floor of the building. All I had to do was to collect the parts, put ‘em back and it comes back to life!”. How many have you heard this story? The question is, can the current roster of  smartphones survive such torture? Well, I almost had a terrible story to tell, but what happened, it just blew me heads up!

The device in the spotlight here is the Nexus 6P, which is built by Huawei and has been quoted to be having a very fragile casing (the metal frame!), by a few “experts”. Yes, this one of the last generation of brand “Nexus”. Well, just for the record, I’m (or I was) a loyal fan of Nexus series. I had a Galaxy Nexus, a Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 and my current phone is Nexus 6P.

Ever Felt This Way?
Ever Felt This Way?

My Nexus 6P Met with an Accident!

I was doing my regular commute and was expecting a call. It was urgent and so I had to pick up the call. I was in middle of the main road couldn’t have gone to the left side to park my vehicle before I could pick the call. So I decided to pick up the call. But the phone fell off my hand as I took it out of my pocket. BOOM! It fell in the middle of the road. A heavily crowded area in Bangalore (Don’t even think that you can just get off your vehicle and ask people to stop. You’re not a Nexus 6P! Oops, spoiler alert!).


Now that phone is on the road and a lot of vehicles speeding through, I somehow managed to park my vehicle aside. By the time I could get back to my phone, I saw more than 5 cars and 3 bikes having already passed over it. I’m still pretty unsure about that count. I had only one thing in mind at that time “GONE!”.

Of course, I had to suffer the wrath and a few bad words from other commuters as I was forcing myself near to the mobile to get it before the parts start popping out like an accordion (LOL!). I picked the fallen one and boy I was SHOCKED!

My Nexus 6P Survived the Terrible Accident!

I had never experienced this before. So for me, this accident was terrible. More than 5 cars and 3 bikes rammed over it, the Nexus 6P could take all the ramming! As soon as I picked my phone and came back to my vehicle, I clicked the power on button, the screen lit up and that time, I got a little hope of its survival!


I quickly unlocked my phone using the fingerprint sensor, it worked. Performed all checks (Let’s call it “The Mandatory Tech-Blogger Round Up”) on the screen. It was all in one piece and responding as expected. Opened the camera and clicked some pictures (You might have seen my love for my phone’s camera if you’ve followed me on social media recently!), even the camera worked like nothing had happened! I was so relaxed by this time and I felt as if the phone has just justified the amount I paid for it. I’m not one of those who always spends such money on phones, but always felt the Nexus to be trustworthy enough. And it didn’t disappoint me. Isn’t it?

All credit goes to the brand Huawei who built Nexus 6P

Yes, I give all credits to the brand behind my Nexus 6P. It is Huawei! Thank you!

My phone was lying upside down. Which means the screen facing the road and exposed to take all tortures from the rough surface. Luckily I had applied tampered screen guard, which took all the pain and cracked lightly. Yes, lightly! See the picture.

The rear part of my Nexus 6P took more torture as the bikes and cars ran atop of it. Yet, I saw very little scratches on the rear. Corners got the major hit as it fell from my hands as I was driving. So you can see the dents on all the corners. There was no casing or protection applied to protect the rear part of the phone.

Surprisingly, the rear camera module didn’t get damaged in the course of this accident. I saw minimal scratches here as well. But never expected as Nexus 6P carries a unique design (it bulges out) with a rear camera housing getting a small piece of glass protection for the camera. And it runs through one corner to another. But the glass is made of Gorilla Glass 4. Did Gorilla Glass 4 do the magic here? Truly, I feel!


Again, I must repeat it again, Huawei has built one heck of a beautiful beast in the Nexus 6P that could survive such a terrible accident. Premium quality comes at a cost and Nexus 6P did justify the price tag it carries.

Can current smartphones survive such accidents?

I really doubt! Maybe some can. With those rear housing made up of glass or plastic, 2.5D arc glass design and many other factors would have made you run for your money. They are prone to accidents and survival rates are very less. I don’t want to point any brand here. But yes, this is the truth to be told!


Thank you Huawei for such a rugged smartphone!




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