OnePlus 3 OTA Update 3.1.4 will Bring sRGB Mode and Better RAM Management

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OnePlus 3 just went official a couple of weeks back and it is already receiving backlash from the reviewers. Now that most of us know the issues, for the new readers about the matter, OnePlus 3 is having a blockage is RAM management and some reviews are pointing at unnatural color toning in the display. So the company has decided to test it on some of the review units. OnePlus 3 OTA Update (version 3.1.4) is on its way to tackle these two famous issues.

Though the company’s co-founder Carl Pei smartly handling the criticism the device is from twitter and Reddit lately, he’s still being forced to have a look at the issues. But what’s surprising to know is that the company official has been forced to change his stance on the issues. However, end of the day, it’s a gain for consumers after all and that’s what OnePlus is doing for long. Listening to the community and addressing the problems they are facing.

OnePlus 3 OTA Update 3.1.4 as a Test Run


The team has reached out to Android Authority with an information about the possible OnePlus 3 OTA update version 3.1.4 being sent to their device. This OTA is for the review unit that the Android Authority team is having it currently. It is expected to fix a couple of infamous issues that the device is receiving from reviewers.

1. sRGB mode for better colors to the display

OnePlus is planning to add the sRGB mode under the developer tools in the settings app. Turning on the sRGB mode on will tone down the colors shown by the OnePlus 3. But there will not be any fix currently for the relatively low peak brightness and bluish cast.

Here are the couple of images shared by Adam Krisko, community manager for OnePlus differentiating with and without sRGB mode. (Left: less saturated sRGB mode is on the left | Right: default mode)



2. RAM Management

After all the criticism, the company is finally planning to put a pause to its aggressive RAM management policy. When asked about why OnePlus 3 is just holding 12 apps in the memory, Carl said: “for better battery life”. That really raised some other questions about what’s the use of having 6GB RAM after all?


However, the latest OnePlus 3 OTA update is going to increase the count of apps in memory. The folks at XDA had already found solution to how to increase it. But this official update will surely bring some breathe to the non-geeky consumers. Also, stop the geeky consumers to look for third party ROMs.

After from these two issues, the OnePlus 3 OTA update will also bring other unspecified “optimizations.” Having known that many other reviewers also pointing at these issues, looks like the OTA update will eventually reach them as well to test it out.

Do you think this OnePlus 3 OTA update is going to save the company from backlashes received on the web? Share your thoughts.

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