10 Reasons Why I Feel OnePlus Devices are the Perfect Successor to Google Nexus Series

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As per Gartner, 86.2 percent of smartphone runs on the Android operating system. Yet, it is not able to attract the mere number of Apple’s iPhone users who are hardly around 13 percent in the world. There are numerous reasons for it. Some being lack of optimal usage of Android OS, scared of pathetic after sales support and a lot more reasons to it. But then comes Google’s Nexus series of devices that shows us which is the best in town Android-powered smartphone for the current year. What if Google decides to completely kill Nexus series tomorrow? Where will the Nexus users like me go and whom we can rely on for similar product? I say, Oneplus! Yes, I’m a proud Nexus user for past 5 years and have reviewed every OnePlus device!

Let’s all agree to the fact that no device is perfect in all senses. If we start loving the hardware, the software will be pathetically handled. Some are just iPhone-ish and some tried to add a lot of custom UI a.k.a bloatware. Again, a lot of factors to look at while buying a perfect Android powered smartphone. But wait, we have Nexus devices and there is Oneplus who are rich in hardware and runs on stock Android!

Here is why I personally feel OnePlus Devices are the Perfect Successors to Google Nexus Series!

1. Best-in-Class Hardware

There are some companies who release more than 10 devices a year to cater across different price segments and there is Google Nexus and OnePlus. Both these companies concentrate on a particular segment, i.e., value-for-money! We usually see one or max two devices under these brands a year. Trust me, they pack the best-in-class hardware.

Image Courtesy - Fonearena

Image Courtesy – Fonearena

We usually see both Nexus and OnePlus series come with what we call as the flagship-worthy hardware. High-end processor, more RAM, better storage, better camera sensor and everything that makes it the best device to flaunt around. You can hardly say, man, they compromised in this area! Have a look at the latest device from both, Oneplus 3 and Nexus 6P. Heavily packed smartphones.

Top-notch hardware always. Just like Nexus or iPhone! Never Settle!

2. Designed to Impress


Yes, I loved the solid build quality of every Nexus and Oneplus devices. Every year, they show us what is best for that period. Be it a removable to the non-removable back panel made of glass or sandstone finish a few years back to completely molded metal build, the company has been providing best build quality. Also, they are ergonomically perfect in all corners.

The Oneplus devices stand toe-to-toe with every year’s premium-end devices.

3. Near-to-Stock Android

Ah! My favorite topic to talk about. Time-to-time we have been hearing a lot about this topic. Let’s understand one thing, Android is an open-source operating system and so those who use it can modify it as per to their needs. What this led us to see is – a lot of bloatware being added atop stock OS. Every company wants to offer something different. Be it the company’s own UI or a hell lot of own applications, the companies have modified OS to the maximum level. This led to uneven bad RAM management that has slowed down the phones within a year of usage. Sadly, there isn’t any way to uninstall this bloatware stuff.


This is where Nexus has gained the trust and so does Oneplus. Oneplus also has their own OS called Oxygen and Hydrogen OS. But they are almost near-to-stock Android with very little customization. The options include the ability to quickly add theme accents into your Settings menu, change between on-screen and capacitive buttons, and lots of lock screen gesture commands you can enable.

Keep in mind, though, at first glance OxygenOS UI looks just like vanilla Android, making it that much more appealing to us. It’s arguably one of the most Nexus-like experiences out there, and it has some of the same tweaks that you’d expect from a custom ROM.

Being stock always comes with a better RAM management and thus buttery smooth experience end of the day.

4. OS Update a.k.a OTA Updates


One will start admiring the way Oneplus cares about their customer within a month of usage. The company keeps pushing OTA updates every now and then. But worry not, this is for a good reason. The company listens to customer feedback and works on the bugs/improvements. Pushes the over-the-air update quicker than any other vendor. Even Google sends only one monthly update to its Nexus devices. Thus keeping their customers happy always.

OTA updates, quick bug fixes – customers delight!

5. Oneplus Proprietary Features

If you don’t offer something new, you will just be yet another smartphone in the world. Companies like LeEco is betting heavily on the content, whereas Xiaomi has got 200 million customers for their MIUI OS. A lot happening. So did Oneplus jumped into the wagon by adding a couple of worthy features. Their hardware specific alert slider button and Oneplus 3’s Dash charging capabilities are worth noting here.


Though the alert slider button is a rip off from iPhones, but OnePlus does it a step better with its three-stage key versus a simple on/off switch. Also, who doesn’t like their when their device charges from 0-60% within 30 minutes? Oneplus’s Dash Charge again comes into rescue when we quickly some battery juice.

Being unique always put you under the limelight, Oneplus does it with an ease!

6. Community Support

Being a stock Android user, one would always enjoy the best community support. Every launch of the Nexus and Oneplus devices gets a warm welcome from the community. Custom ROM developer around the world loves the phone with stock Android because the drivers and kernel are easily available for those. Thus allowing them to develop Custom OS with some awesome feature set. Be it a Cyanogen, Paranoid Android, and any other developer group, they have done a great job till date.


How useful it will be, when you are allowed to install an OS that suits your style? Oneplus devices are wide open to the community. Just in case you don’t know, custom ROMs were available for Oneplus 3 with a week of its launch.

If you are a geeky customer of Oneplus, you will be welcomed with numerous custom OS.

7. Developers Delight

This point goes hand-in-hand with a previously discussed point. The Oneplus devices are bootloader unlocked out of the box and are easy to root. Though Nexus devices are bootloader locked, it isn’t so difficult to get it unlocked and rooting it. For those unfamiliar with this topic, rooting an Android device gives you system-level privileges similar to your admin password on your computer. Yes, there will be security concerns by rooting the device.


Trust me, it isn’t so easy and straightforward on any other device that runs on bloatware OS! But with Nexus and Oneplus devices, one can play with system-level properties. We have something called as Xposed modules that alone is enough to change anything and everything inside the phone. You can tweak the core of the OS, add features, and improve battery life just like any custom OS.

I could bump up screen-on-time from mere 3-4 hours to 8-9 hours! Yes, I’m a developer by profession!

8. Made for Customers Around the World


Again, Oneplus and Nexus share the same space when it comes to rolling out their devices. Their devices usually hit the global market within no time difference. Though Oneplus started selling devices under their not-so-fancy, invite system, they changed the process with their latest offering. Now the devices are openly available just like the Google Nexus devices.

Not locked to any carrier and work with all the global network bands. A Global Brand, I say!

9. Affordable Beast


We have spoken a lot of Oneplus already. It packs a top-notch hardware and comes with near-to-stock Android operating. Isn’t so like a Google Nexus device? Yes. Every Oneplus device is a flagship device for the company. What amazes us is the price tag it carries. Just like Nexus devices, Oneplus device is also an affordable beast. Usually, they are available between $300-$400. However, similarly specced hardware devices will be sold for $700-900 by the other vendors.

We need not sell our kidneys or burn our pockets to grab the Oneplus device!

10. Openness

Lastly, Oneplus has been very open in whatever they are doing. Be it listening to their customers, unlocking bootloader and lastly, by providing the cost of the spare parts. We have gone through this many times. After sales support for any company plays a vital role in retaining their customers for longer runs. This isn’t easy as one can’t impress everybody.


But Oneplus has been a popular brand from their inception for openness they carry. Just like their mantra, “Never Settle”, the company doesn’t want their customers to be cheated at any cost. So they always reveal the cost of their smartphone openly to the customers. Thus, making us putting our trust on them always.

Need I say more?


I have already written a lot about the Oneplus device and relating them to be the perfect successor to Google Nexus series. Even if the company stops supporting their device, we have a crazy number of third party developers to back them!

If the Nexus series getting killed tomorrow, I will put my money on Oneplus!




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