OnePlus One Sales to Halt in India as Micromax Files a Case for Using Cyanogen OS!

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Here is an another twist in what we thought could become a trend setter in India. Right after Xiaomi got banned and forced to stop their sales in India (lifted temporarily till Jan 8th), OnePlus falls under same ditch. Mircomax has filed a case against OnePlus for using Cyanogen OS to sell their device in India. So for now, OnePlus One sales halted till the further notice from Delhi HC!

oneplus india issues with cyanogen

Patents and exclusive rights have started haunting new comers in India lately. Xiaomi entered India in July and their devices started selling like a hot cake. But then what they wouldn’t have imagined, Ericcson emerged to find an issue with patent infringement and lodged a case against Xiaomi a week before.

OnePlus also fell under the same well today! Micromax has lodged a complaint against the company for selling its device running on Cyanogen OS for which it has got an exclusive right under the agreement with Cyanogen Inc.

Micromax has signed an agreement for ambient services and application distribution agreement” with US-based software developing company Cyanogen. However the company has claimed that it had,

“Incurred major expenses for the creation of a brand exclusivity for providing to Indian customers mobile phones with Cyanogen operating systems” and “it would suffer irreparable harm and loss if the defendants (OnePlus) are permitted to continue with their illegal acts in violation of the agreement between Micromax and Cyanogen”.

Previously OnePlus had an agreement with Cyanogen Inc., to sell their devices all over the world except China. But this got voided as soon as Cyanogen Inc., signed an agreement with Micromax recently and was informed to OnePlus a fortnight before its launch in India.

Micromax has taken this step a day before its exclusive launch of YU branded smartphones, which will run on Cyanogen OS. A move has now forced OnePlus to work on its own OS quicker than it thought.

A good news is that, the court has allowed OnePlus to clear the stock it has already brought to India. Those who get the invite should now buy it before thinking twice about it!




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