Pebble Time Round: The World’s Lightest and Thinnest Smartwatch

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Every debate around smartwatches has two names attached to it, Google and Apple. However, Pebble even after being an early player of the wearables or connected device revolution and having sold over 95,000 units of its Time and Time Steel smartwatches, Pebble is still looking for a breakout device that will crown it as the king of smartwatches. Taking cues from its biggest competitor – Google’s Android Wear smartwatches and the aesthetics of the best selling Moto 360, Pebble has announced Pebble Time Round, their most elegant smartwatch yet.

With the new round watch face, Pebble already has few sweet watch face designs ready and has also announced a new SDK that will make it easy for developers to convert their apps to work both on square and round watch faces. The new Timeline OS will also be rolled out to Original Pebble watches as well via a firmware update.

The Design

The Pebble Time Round is a visual treat, it is 7.5mm thin, 38.5mm diameter face, weighs 29 grams to make it the lightest and the thinnest smartwatch. Time Round comes in two strap sizes -14mm and 20mm available in Black, Silver, and a special-edition Rose Gold exclusively for the 14mm band size and also comes in various colors and styles.

The cons

Time Round is not water resistant when compared to the previous Pebble Watches.
Unlike its predecessors battery which used to last for a week, the Pebble Time’s seems to have compromised on its battery life. A full charge of Pebble Time Round lasts up to two days and a 15 minutes of charge lasts for an entire day. This is not a huge deal breaker if you’re used to the sad battery life of Android Wear smartwatches, but definitely a bad sign for Pebble fans.

Both the misses are not such a big deal when compared to Android Wear watches and the Apple Watch. However, it is not as versatile as the Android Wear and Apple Watch either. Round Time, first impressions suggest that it is a nice smartwatch for the $249 price tag it carries.

Price and availability

The leather band is available at $249 and the metal band will cost $50 more. You can pre-order the Time Round from Best Buy, Target, Amazon and Pebble’s own website starting today. The first units will start shipping in November.




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