PokeNotify will Notify You Whenever there’s a Pokémon in Your Vicinity

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If there is one game that is driving everybody crazy around the world is Pokémon Go. Launched recently on Android and iOS devices, the application takes Augmented Reality to whole new level. However, this has been a battery hogging application as one needs to keep open the app to find Pokémon around them. Worry not! Here comes PokeNotify application for Android devices that alerts you whenever there is a Pokemon to be caught.

PokeNotify is a much-needed application for all those avid Pokémon players around. This not only helps them in finding the rarest Pokémon around them but also helps them in crossing the levels easily and becoming a master.

PokeNotify – A Pokémon Go Companion Application for Android Users


PokeNotify lets you select the Pokémon you’re looking for, and be notified automatically on your phone or smartwatch when those Pokémon are near your location. Once found, PokeNotify will alert you to the Pokémon’s presence and also tell you the Pokemon’s exact location.

This app will also allow you to individually select the Pokémon you want to be notified about. By doing which you will be spared from the notifications that force you to catch the already caught Pokémon . The best part of this application is that it not only notifies you but also shows you where and how much time you have to catch the Pokémon before it disappears.

If you are wondering how does this work, as per the developer,

PokeNotify uses real Pokémon locations straight from Pokémon GO, not crowdsourced data, so you can always be sure the information is accurate and up to date. In addition, PokeNotify does not require you to log in with your personal Pokémon GO account, so there’s no risk of being banned by Pokémon GO, unlike with some other apps.

Download PokeNotify from Android Play Store today and make sure you catch every Pokémon around you today!





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