Prestige Silver Oak Villas and Apartments: Luxury that Matters and Nearby!

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Luxury can be defined in many ways. One can link to the gadgets they carry around. Some can relate it to dress they wear. There can be many ways for it. But Prestige groups want to redefine the same with their Luxurious villas and apartments that are located in the heart of Whitefield. Man! They are built beautifully and is must visit the location for at least a look of architecture and design.

Prestige Silver Oak Villas and Apartments

Located Perfectly!

The Prestige Silver Oak Villas and apartments are located perfectly between IT parks, malls, and supermarket. It is located around 1 kilometer from ITPL and next to GR Tech Park in Whitefield main around. The villas and apartments are also very nearby to the malls like Forum mall, Ascendas Park Square and Phoenix Market City. There also many supermarkets like big bazaar, more and star bazaar which is very nearby to the Prestige Silver Oak.


One word for Prestige Silver Oak Villas is Luxurious and Marvelous. Did I say the second word as well? Well, I can keep ranting about this beautifully built locality. Prestige groups have picked the location very smartly which I will talk about below. But what they have done is, well, everything is perfect.

The word Luxury goes hand-in-hand with the Silver Oak villas and apartments. They are built using western architecture. See above the images. They aren’t common in Bangalore. This itself is a standout feature about the location.


There are around 146 villas and 32 apartments in this locality. They are well guarded with a good amount of security and surveillance cameras fixed for outsider monitoring.

About Villa:

With respect to the way villas are built, they are built across starting from 3600 to 5000 square feet per villa. Each villa is divided without a wall sharing two villas. They are well separated and one would feel both the land and the construction belong to them without worrying about neighbors. The villa consists of 4 rooms, a modular kitchen, home theater and a space for a personal gym.


The Villas are 4 bedroom units on ground + 2 upper floors with a private backyard reminiscent of the old Bangalore lifestyle. The Low Rise Apartment block comprises luxurious, efficiently designed 3 bedroom units. Each of these units has an outward looking plan to maximize the views to the surrounding landscape.

All-in-all, Prestige Groups have put in a lot of effort in drafting the blueprint that one would say, PERFECT! There is a clubhouse in between villas and apartments. Neatly maintained with all amenities.


Even the apartments are built similar to villas. The Prestige Groups have taken care of every detailing in building the apartment along with Morph Design Company taking care of the interiors.

About Interiors:

From inside, the rooms and every nook-and-corner of the villa are very planned and are spacious. As soon as you enter, you will feel a soothing experience. May it POP works that attracts your eyes at first glance or an ambient light that relaxes your mind. Everything is so perfect and you feel like being in a perfect away from hectic traffic and busy life.


Everything inside the villa has been taken care by Morph Design Company (MDC). Please read below for the details on MDC who have mastered the art of designing villas, apartments and a lot more. These villas come with attractive sofas, wardrobes, lightings and wood works.

About Morph Design Company:

The company that has a lot of national and international awards under their kitty. Behind Morph Design Company’s (MDC) two decades of growth lies Anjum Jung. Anjum has nurtured MDC into one of the country’s most respected décor studios with globally recognized clientele and numerous national and international awards to its credit.


Morph Design Company (MDC) is a vertically integrated interior design firm, managing a diverse mix of residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Originally established as an in-house interior design subdivision of the Prestige Group, Morph Design currently handles developments for external clientele and has amassed a vast portfolio of work across apartments, villas, clubhouses, spas, resorts, and hotels.

Environment and Surrounding:


The Prestige Silver Oaks villas and apartments are well located. As soon as you enter, you will feel you are in the calm and nice location. The Prestige Groups have maintained the good amount of greenery around the locality and inside as well. The whole locality is noise-free. You will feel as if you are away from Bangalore itself.

Final Words…

All-in-all the Prestige Silver Oaks Villas and Apartments come with luxury along with one of best locality I have ever seen. The starting price of the villa is INR 2.9 Cr which is justified. It has an uninterrupted corporation water supply as well.

I would suggest you take a tour of this luxurious and great locality once. You might not believe my words now, but after the visit, you will surely be reminded of the each and every word I have mentioned in this article.

Disclaimer: This post is promoted by Prestige Groups.




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