PuzzlePhone to go Crowdfunding Starting November 3 for 299 Euros!

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Modular devices are soon going to be an upcoming innovations to look out for. Though Google and other startups are investing a huge amount of time in research and development, we are yet to see the devices in user’s hand. To fulfill what could be a first of modular smartphones to come out, PuzzlePhone is going for a crowdfunding. From November 3rd, interested buyers can back the project starting 299 Euros that is a very early bird and limited offer.

Circular Devices Ltd., is a company from Finland that producing PuzzlePhone modular devices. The PuzzlePhone quite similar to what Google is trying to achieve from its Project Ara. The first modular smartphone from Google was supposed to hit market by this time. But unfortunately got delayed due to some issue.


The PuzzlePhone itself is designed for longevity. It’s a modular smartphone, which can last 10 years. (No, that is not a typo.) Replace PuzzlePhone modules as they reach technological obsolescence or wear out – but don’t throw out the phone.

Here are the PuzzlePhone’s crowdfunding rewards,

Very Early Bird The 1st EditionEarly Bird PuzzlePhoneIndiegogo Special, Limited Edition PuzzlePhone
DescriptionThis is the one and only opportunity to get the PuzzlePhone mobile experience delivered at the very lowest price.PuzzlePhone is the sine qua non for those who love Finnish design and style. Consumer delight delivered through modern and functional balance of technology and beauty.The Indiegogo Special Limited Edition PuzzlePhone puts design excellence and craftsmanship into an object of pure desire.
Price299 EUR399 EUR699 EUR
Availability250 units500 units150 units

Once those limited units run out the PuzzlePhone will be available in Indiegogo at 449 EUR and 499 EUR (depending on storage configuration).

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As the PuzzlePhone is modular it has a wide range of advantages.  It allows the old parts can be put to reuse, too. Hand over your modules to someone else who can use them. But the best part is, PuzzleCluster.


PuzzleCluster is the first scalable computer cluster platform based on recycled modular mobile technology. It will allow PuzzlePhone Brain modules to be reused and connected to form a fully integrated computer cluster. Even if your smartphone can no longer deliver the performance you seek, it still contains a fully working computer, and there is no reason it should be discarded straight away.

According to Alejandro Santacreu, Circular Devices CEO,

When developing the PuzzlePhone, we always think about the whole cycle, from sourcing components to manufacturing, the device use itself and what to do when the time to upgrade comes. The PuzzlePhone Brain is a fully functional low power computer ready to be integrated in the PuzzleCluster. It makes no sense to discard a perfectly working computer just because you have upgraded your smartphone. The PuzzleCluster will extend the usable life of the PuzzlePhone Brain modules way beyond any other smartphone processor

Well, the guys at Circular Devices are really up for something awesome. The company is planning to deliver modular smartphone that can last 10 years. Even when any module gets older, it can be reused in my aspects as well. This is something that can reduce the e-waste and be an environmental friendly product going forward.

So eager to get PuzzlePhone? November 3rd is the date. We will post the IndieGoGO link here as soon as we get it. Stay tuned and spread the world!




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