Reliance Jio is Working on a 4G VoLTE Feature Phone Starting Rs. 1000

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One of the most talked topics in the nook and corner of India today is, Reliance Jio. A company that has yet again revolutionized the telecom industry with their bold move has got everybody to talk about. Well, wait for more surprises! Reliance is not done yet! The company is preparing to take over a feature phone segment in India, by introducing 4G VoLTE feature phone starting Rs. 1000. Boom!

As we all know, 4G VoLTE which was once just a fancy word to add in a specification sheet until a telecom provider actually added flavor to it. Reliance has been a revolutionary company. 2000’s kid would never forget how the first CDMA phone offering from Reliance for Rs. 500 shocked the industry. Remember? Anybody?

4G VoLTE Feature Phone with Unlimited Voice and Video Calling


India now has more than a billion mobile phone subscribers and out of which 65% are still using feature phones. As internet penetration in rural areas and affordability of smartphones have kept rural people to stick with a feature phone. An area which Reliance wants to acquire and this will put every other telecom providers to run for their money.

Jio wants to tap all the segments in the country and sees huge potential in the rural areas, which it now aims to tap with VoLTE feature phones

  • Source close to the matter told to the Economic Times

Reliance Jio has already started acquiring smartphone users with their mind boggling unlimited offer. The telecom has already added 25 million subscribers and aiming for 100 million by the end of 2016. That’s almost 38% compared to industry leader Bharati Airtel.

Talking about the feature phone Reliance is planning to offer, the company is said to be partnering with domestic handset maker Lava International and Chinese original equipment makers to manufacture these feature phones. Reliance Jio will be subsidizing the part of the selling price. The making cost  of 4G VoLTE feature phone would be about $25 or selling price of Rs. 2500. But Jio is planning to offer the same for $15 or Rs. 1000. There will be another phone for Rs. 1500.

The first set of phones will be featuring both Jio and Lava brandings. The 4G VoLTE feature phone is expected to feature Spreadtrum processor and without a touch screen. There are rumors about talks with Qualcomm and Mediatek as well for the same. Complete Jio suite will be pre-installed.

VoLTE Feature Phone from Itel by April 2017


There is one other company called Itel from China which recently made its way to India is also planning to launch 4G VoLTE feature phone by April 2017. Commenting on the matter, Sudhir Mathur, head of Itel India said,

The platform for this technology is being tested and all the development is happening in China. We’re watching Reliance closely, for their model will shape our strategy.

It will be interesting to see what Itel has in store with respect to feature phones and their pricing strategy. However, Reliance Jio is prepping to take over feature phone segment by offering 4G VoLTE feature phone starting Rs. 1000.





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