WickedLeak Wammy Neo 3 Review: Decent Device; Don’t go by the Specs!

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India is currently a country that must behaving most number of smartphone vendors in the world. Some are really popular and some of relatively unknown. WickedLeak is one among the latter. A locally born company has sold variety devices and we had a chance to review Wammy One a long ago. Today we are going to talk about Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3. Is it really worth buying it?

Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3 Review

Well, Wickedleak is not at all new to the market. They have spent a quite a little time already. Have they really understood the market to deliver competitive device in the heavily crowded market?

Hardware & Build Quality

With respect to the hardware of the Wammy Neo 3, Wickedleak has picked up a decent part for the price tag it carries. Well, one could easily compare the device with Xiaomi Mi4, Moto g 2015 variant and etc. But every company has their own way of looking at the market. I wouldn’t say Wickedleak has a really bad spec.

With 3gigs of RAM, better looking display, and other hardwares, this device could be considered if you are more into spec based device than the performance. Even the color contrast of the display is vivid.

One of the main issues with lesser known companies is, ability to provide the best looking device. Wickedleak seems to be following the same manner. Though the company hypes of the device on the teasers, on the paper, it looks pale and really not eye candy!


Well, there is nothing great about the design of the device. It looks similar to any other 5.5 inch phone. It carries a kind-of the sandstone back panel that adds a bit more sturdiness to hold. The power button and volume rockers are placed on the right hand section of the device and they are rightly placed as well. Both these buttons sits on the middle which helps us in holding the device properly and ease of access to the keys.

Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3 Hardware

The huge bezels on the top and bottom of the screen makes us feel like holding a 6 inch phablet. The camera is bumped up above the surface that again prone to damages quickly. Though the speaker grills are on the rear part of the device, the company has smartly added a small holder that helps us to listen to the sound better while placed on the flat surface.

Operating System

Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3 runs on Android Lollipop version 5.1 (at least the device we reviewed). Without any question, the device is upgradable and updated to the latest android considering Marshmallow is still new to the market.

With Android Lollipop, this device feels really buttery smooth. There is no lag at all while navigating the screens. The company has also packed some of the must needed features as well.

  1. HotKnot: It is an innovative data and file transfer mechanism invented by MediaTek. It utilizes the physics of a capacitive touch screen, such that the transmitting grid on the screen of one phone can interact with the receiving grid in a second when they are in close proximity (less than 1 centimeter).
  2. Smart Wake: The company has added a lot of functionalities that can be done while the screen is off. Double tap to wake, draw up to unlock, music handler shortcuts and alphabetic shortcuts to trigger few native apps.
  3. Voice Unlock: You can unlock the device with your own command. It is accurate and listens to your voice alone.
  4. One can select which app can be auto started after booting the device.
  5. Comes SuperSU preinstalled. Rooted? Probably!


Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3 comes with a 14MP CMOS camera sensor on the rear with an LED flash and 4.9MP secondary snapper on the front. One of the reason why we said, don’t go with the spec is this. The camera quality of the device is not up to the mark. One could think of capturing a crystal clear image with 14MP camera, but in reality we got pixilated images at times. Good thing is, we did get some wide angle shots.

Focusing takes a bit longer time than expected. If you shoot an image with flash on, there will be an overrated color contrast spoiling the actual scene. Though on low-light mode, we did get some decent looking snaps.

Talking about the features / camera modes, we have a PIP mode, which shoots an image from both the cameras at the same time. There is a live photo mode that is kind of interesting mode, which records a 3-5 second video showing how you moved on to click the image. Another interesting mode is a multi angle view mode. This mode captures an image that can be viewed like a VR image just by tilting the screen.




Medium Light:





  1. Usage: With 3GB of RAM and a nearly stock Android OS, the device performs really well to the daily needs. There was a very minimal lag here and there where are lots of apps open in the background. One issue to stress here is, there is a delay between the button press and the screen-on time. Which is annoying at times. Also, some gestures don’t work at times.
  2. Sound: The audio output of the device is really high. Even when placed on the flat surface, one could hear the sound clearly.
  3. Call: The signal reception is good thus avoiding a call drop
  4. Battery: the 3000mAh battery is more than sufficient on the normal usage with whatspping, Facebooking and connectivity shifts between Wi-Fi and 4G. While on the dual SIM, battery consumption is a bit higher (negligible). Upon streaming audio and video for a couple of hours, battery goes down by 50%.
  5. Gaming: the 3GB of RAM gels well with the MediaTek 6752 SoC while playing high-end games. Only when more numbers of the background applications running, I felt a lag in the game flow. Yes, the device gets heated up after the gameplay of more than 30mins.

Is it really worth buying Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3?

Well, considering the other devices in the same price range, Wammy Neo 3 is just there, but not that impressive when compared to devices like Xiaomi Mi4, Moto G 2015 and Asus Zenfone’s. If you are a fan of Stock Android then this device is just for you. With 3GB of RAM and stock android, you get more RAM available for other tasks.

Though the specs are awesome, I would still prefer a good looking device which is lacking in Wammy Neo 3.


These were the questions that we asked to company officials for a clarification.

1) How frequently are we going to receive the software update?

Ans: The updates would be rolled out as and when newer Android Versions or Sub-Versions are available.

2) Availability of the spare parts?

Ans: The spare parts for all Wammy Devices are always available at Wickedleak’s Service hubs, ideally uptil the product life cycle

3) If I root the device, will it void the warranty?

Ans: If the Software still works fine after rooting, we cover the after sales service under warranty. However, if the user bricks or the software misbehaves due to rooting, he will have to pay a small software reinstallation fee after which the warranty will continue.

4) Will it be upgradable to Android Marshmallow?

Ans: It will be upgradeable to Android Marshmallow as and when the Version is available.

For more answers, please visit the company’s FAQ page.

The Review

WickedLeak Wammy Neo 3

8 Score

"Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3 was launched on August 1st in India. It packs a 1.7 GHz MediaTek 6752 64 Bit Octacore SoC, 3GB of RAM, 14MP rear camera and runs on Android Lollipop version 5.1. It is currently priced at Rs. 13,999."

Lowest Price at::


Where to buy:

The Good

  • Screen
  • Sandstone like Back Panel
  • Battery Life
  • Buttery Smooth Android Stock OS

The Bad

  • Build Quality
  • Camera
  • Screen-on Lag


  • Hardware & Build Quality 70%
  • Design 75%
  • Operating System 90%
  • Camera 70%
  • Performance 75%



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