Xploree Keyboard App Review: Explore More As You Type!

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Being open source and developer friendly operating system, Android has been a popular platform to test out many things. We can customize nearly 90% of the things in Android. Joining the bandwagon of keyboards, the Indian company, Keypoint Technologies has added an innovative and Natural Language Processing keyboard. Called as Xploree Keyboard, this particular application unique in what it does. Let’s check out more about Xploree!

User Interface:

Xploree looks neat at the first glance itself. The keys can be easily recognized by borders and spacing. Just like any other keyboard these days. It also has a good amount of theming options as we have seen in Google Keyboard, Swift Keyboard, and others. But one thing that’s interesting is, Keypoint pushes event specific keyboard like targeted theme for Diwali, Dushera etc. That’s proving how active the company is and the value add-ons provided to their users.


In simple words, Xploree Keyboard gives a neat, clean and intuitive UI.


Talking about the features of Xploree Keyboard, it has every standard feature which we get from any other keyboard app plus the added advantages as well. So we will divide this into two sections.

Standard Features:

  1. Gestures
  2. Auto correction
  3. Auto capitalization
  4. Auto spacing
  5. Next word prediction

Added Features or Uniqueness of Xploree Keyboard

Nobody would simply shift from their standard keyboard app to any other just for a sake of it, right? If that particular app provides something unique and that adds the advantage of using it, we will surely be tempted to try it out. That’s where Xploree makes a difference.


The key feature of Xploree Keyboard is Discoveries. In simple words, explore as you type. The Xploree keyboard uses both Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing together along with their own patent pending intent prediction technology. That’s a lot of technologies to deliver discoveries to you all.


Xploree goes deeper in solving complex problems of understanding the users’ intent. The keyboard understands what you type and gets the intent behind it, start accumulating related to shopping, travel, services, as per your interest and requirements and shows them as Discoveries. Another good thing is, it also works when you are using multi-lingual keyboards like Kanglish or hinglish.

Note: The cards are pulled from the clients there are linked to and not from the web.

For example, let’s say you are chatting with somebody on WhatsApp and planning for a movie.

  • Without Xploree: Go to Google, check the rating of that movie, hopes over to BookMyShow for booking the ticket and then head over to zomato for checking out a nearby restaurant.
  • With Xploree: Explore as you type. Xploree understands your intent, accumulates cards and they can be viewed by a click of a button.

It’s that easy!

Language Support:


The Xploree Keyboard comes with whooping support for 130+ languages. It supports 21 Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and more. What’s interesting is, the keyboard also supports newbie lingos like Kanglish, Tanglish, Hinglish which are the way to texting in the local language in English. Support means, there are pre-defined words for those lingos.

My Dictionary:


The app allows users to add their own words. You are allowed to add up to 2000 words to your private dictionary. One can manually add it or as you converse.

Text Shortcuts:


This is one of the most useful features that Xploree Keyboard comes with. You can now have a shortcut for longer sentences you use always. Like, you can set “HRU” for “HOW ARE YOU”. When you type “HRU”  during the conversation, you will be notified with “+” mark on the predictions tab. Clicking on it will insert the full form of that shortcut, that is, “HOW ARE YOU”.



If in case you forgot to check the Xploree Discovery, this guy Presto will be holding them for you. It sits as a bubble notification always. Clicking on it will give the option to explore discovery card and settings.


All-in-all, the Xploree Keyboard app caters what it is expected. However, there are few areas of improvements like regular card updates and showing same cards again and again. As a keyboard, it is perfectly fine. But as a added advantage, Xploree needs to be better and accurate in terms of showing cards.

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The Review

Xploree Keyboard

9.5 Score

"Best alternate keyboard application for Android users."

Lowest Price at::


Where to buy:

The Good

  • UI
  • Discovery

The Bad

  • More cards


  • UI 95%
  • Features 90%



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