Sailfish OS Gets Ported to Smartwatch and Guess What? Looks Better than Android OS!

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Sailfish OS has been one of the best alternatives I recently came across when compared to Android OS. The developer community is so strong that the operating system has been ported to a lot of smartphones. Guess what, the OS sees its way to smartwatch as well. Sailfish OS for Smartwatch is in the development and looks better than Android OS for the same!

Though the company behind the OS, Jolla saw a lot of changes and difficulties to staying put, the fan base for them is really good. The OS is currently seen in Jolla smartphone, Jolla Tablet, Intex Aqua Fish and Turing Phone. But has been ported to more than dozen of other phones. But Sailfish OS for smartphones looks neat.

Sailfish OS for Smartwatch Prototype is Here!


Jolla has been actively working on their in-house backed Sailfish OS. Making its better and beautiful day by day. However, the adaptation has been an issue with them. Thanks to Android and iOS ruling the market. But the company has stuck a deal with Russian Government lately.


What can in as a surprise today is, Sailfish OS for Smartwatch. The OS which is already gesture based is making smartwatches look cleaner with its UI and functionalities. The main screen comes with a digital and analog clock that can be changed by the single tap.


Homescreen is organized in a familiar Sailfish-style horizontal carousel with Events on the left, the main view on the center and fitness view promoted as the super app on the right. Apps can be accessed easily by swiping from the bottom. Swiping from top to bottom will show the ambiance settings.


Top to bottom gesture on the events screen will show the quick setting shortcuts. The fitness and health tracking has been one of the most important features in wearables these days. Thus making it way into the Sailfish OS core feature. The tracker has been implemented as an app and it looks neat again.


Sailfish OS for smartwatch can be paired with existing smartphones that run on Sailfish OS only for now. Post pairing, calls, and messages will be notified on the smartwatch. The UI is similar to how it looks on Sailfish-based smartphones. However, this works when both the devices are connected to WiFi as the team needs some time with Bluetooth bridge.

Technically Speaking

The team has referred to already existing smartwatch OS called Asteroid OS which shares a lot of the same core Mer and Nemo libraries with Sailfish OS. They have added all over remaining libraries, UI elements, gestures, layouts, animations, icons, fonts and localization enablers for creating fluid and beautiful user experience.

Lastly, the Sailfish OS for smartwatch is currently in develop mode or rather call it a proof-of-concept for now. The team is yet to make it available for the interested porting lovers. Hope to see a smartwatch that comes with Sailfish OS out of the box!





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