Here is How Samsung Turbo Speed Technology Works

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Yes, we have come to a state where 4GB of RAM is not enough to keep the device away from lagging. Power users like us have been craving for more RAM and then can smartphones with 6GB of RAM. Obviously, this seems unnecessary. But then we asked for it. However, Samsung is playing the all new game with its Turbo Speed Technology.

Samsung recently launched their 2016 version of J2 and J2 Pro in India. The J2 Pro variant came with something called as Tube Speed Technology and the company didn’t share much detail about it. However, what we got to hear is, this works as a low-energy RAM management utility which “load applications up to 40 percent faster than devices with double the RAM capacity.”

Samsung Turbo Speed Technology for Better RAM Management


As said before, Samsung’s Turbo Speed Technology has the capacity to load applications up to 40 percent faster. In brief, the company has combined “smaller apps + proactive app management + intelligent memory control”. Here are each of them works,

Smaller Apps


Samsung has reworked on all the essential applications including the Camera app, Gallery, Contacts, Messages and others. They have made them lighter and to require a smaller memory footprint. They have been plagued with heavier apps for so long. Isn’t it? Additionally, the company has removed multi-screen app drawer and made them all sit in “a single page format”. Thus reducing the RAM footprint even further.

Proactive App Management


What Android is missing right now is removing apps that are eating memory while not in use. This is what Samsung has done with Proactive App Management. This feature silently finds, halts or kills inactive applications from RAM as well as from Kernel too. Why from Kernel? Because the services related to an application will be running in the kernel and terminating it will free up more memory.

Intelligent Memory Control


One will be wondering by doing above two mentioned points will suffice the job. But one should understand that unusual freeing up of RAM will not be able to allocate another application. For this, Samsung has implemented Intelligent Memory Control that is designed to rearrange and declutter the freed space in order to make “more RAM available at any instance”.

As said before,

Turbo Speed Technology = smaller apps + proactive app management + intelligent memory control

This is indeed an awesome work by Samsung if it works as advertised. Loading applications up to 40 percent faster than devices with double the RAM capacity is what Turbo Speed Technology. Hoping to see this being enabled on all the upcoming Samsung powered devices.




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