Superbook by Andromium Turns Your Smartphone into Full-fledged Laptop! [Updated]

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We are not so far from seeing laptops being taken over by smartphones. Handheld devices are getting stronger and have started to come with high-end hardware. We are in an era where RAM on the smartphone is more than our laptop. To keep the momentum going, a company called Andromium has started a Kickstarter project called Superbook that can turn any smartphone into the full-fledged laptop.

Most of us had always dreamt about using our smartphone as a CPU with a larger display. Android itself has matured enough to perform any daily needs like Windows OS. Well, a project like Superbook is not new to the market. But none were able to stay for a long time. Can Superbook make any difference? Let’s check what it can do for us first.

Superbook by Andromium

The Superbook is a plug-and-play device that turns your smartphone into a complete laptop. Just connect your smartphone to any Superbook, and get the same computing experience no matter where you go – never sync or upgrade your laptop again.


Benefits of the Superbook

  1. Carry and manage fewer devices. Users live with the freedom of owning one computer. Just connect your smartphone to any Superbook, and get the same computing experience – anytime, anywhere.
  2. Uninterrupted access to files, apps, and data. With the Superbook, you always have access to the files and apps already on your smartphone. It also can use your phone’s wifi, Bluetooth, and data plan, so you’re always connected.
  3. True desktop productivity (including multi-window support). The Superbook is powered by Andromium, an app that provides a true desktop experience on Android. Get a multi-windowed environment, along with taskbar, keyboard shortcuts, notification center, and everything else you’ve come to expect from your work computer.
Time to consider Android as mainstream OS and Superbook puts us right there with ease. Simplicity at its best!

Specifications of Superbook

While Superbook works as a shell for your Android phone it still packs a good specifications under-the-hood.

  • 11.6-inch LCD HD display
  • 8+ hours of battery life
  • Charges your smartphone simultaneously
  • Keyboard with Android Navigation Keys and Shortcuts Support
  • Open Andromium SDK for Android apps
  • Multi-touch trackpad
  • Type-C and Micro-A USB Compatible
  • Universal compatibility across all modern Android smartphones
  • Support for Google Play Store and millions of Android apps

How does Superbook work?

As said before, Superbook works as a laptop shell for any smartphone. It doesn’t come with any specific hardware or software installed in it. But packs a good screen and battery to power both laptop and smartphone simultaneously.


All that one need to use this laptop is shell is, a smartphone running Android 5.0+ with 1.5GB of RAM and USB-OTG support. You will need to install already available Andromium app from the Google Play Store. When you plug in your smartphone into this device , your desktop experience automatically launches along with all of the apps and files on your phone. Remember Remix OS? Does the same job for you with a carryable hardware and a display.

Does it support Android N? Not the current Beta version, but Android N support will come in the upcoming release.

Is this something new to the market?

No! There were some known projects like this before. However, nothing stayed for a long time. Motorola had tried their hands with Atrix smartphone. With the help of Webtop software and Lapdock accessory, the smartphone was able to turn into the laptop. But due to lack of adoption, the project was killed in 2012 itself.


Much more followed Motorola. Canonical has tried their luck with the similar campaign but ended up becoming a top most funded unsuccessful campaign to date. Even Microsoft is trying their luck with Windows 10 OS via Continuum feature. However, we are yet to see such projects going mainstream.

How to buy Superbook by Andromium?


Superbook by Andromium is a Kickstarter project. One who needs to buy has to support the project first. The project is live on Kickstarter website now for the price tag of $99. Yes, it is affordable as it leverages your smartphone’s capabilities and processing power. Thus leaving out the unnecessary components of a laptop that are already on your smartphone and keeping production costs low.

Buy Now!

A special gift to our reader who will back the project!

As a token of appreciation to our efforts and for our readers who back the project, Andromium team has a special gift for them. All you need to do is, back the project first. The team will be sending a survey after the campaign ends.

There will be a question “Where did you hear about us?”. As the answer, use the code STORIESIO. That’s it. Andromium will be bundling small accessory so the Superbook can work with more devices.

All the best to Team Andromium and to our readers who back their Superbook project!

[Update] Superbook will work as an additional display to your Windows Laptop and MacBooks


What we are hearing from Team Superbook is, this laptop shell will even work with Windows Tablet, Windows Laptop, and Macbooks. It will act as an additional display, keyboard, and touchpad. This is awesome!





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