Vivaldi Version 1.5 Takes Browser to Next Level with IoT Integration!

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Yes, browser market has reached a stage where one would not like to explore the new options. But there is one such company which wants to prove the web is here to stay and web browsers have a lot of capabilities. From the founder of Opera browser, called as Vivaldi browser is all set to throw open a lot of surprises today by knocking the doors of the Internet of Things (IoT)! Read more for Vivaldi version 1.5.

With the release of version 1.5, Vivaldi is throwing open a lot of opportunities that one would never think of. The company has been very active in building a browser that is not aimed at the masses for the class of people. I have been personally using this browser since its inception and is now my primary browser for numerous reasons!

Vivaldi Version 1.5: More than a Browser!


If I have to start talking about the Vivaldi Browser it will go on and on and on. But let’s talk about version 1.5 in specific that has upped the ante with respect to browser history.

Vivaldi Browser has now got the ability to control the color of smart-home lighting through browsing. It is now can control Hue color lights from Philips. You can now enable Hue in Vivaldi Theme Settings, a tap on the Philips Hue Bridge confirms the connection. Upon successful connection, the browser will synchronize with Hue. The color of the web will synchronize with Hue lights. Thus enabling the Internet of things with Vivaldi!

Talking about the update, Founder, and CEO of Vivaldi, Jon von Tetzchner says,

This is just a first step for us, but imagine the world where you get notified of a new email or web notification through a light bulb. Vivaldi is all about customization and flexibility. Integrating with IoT devices like Philips Hue makes it possible for Vivaldi to adapt to you and your everyday life.

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Vivaldi Version 1.5: More Power to the Browser!

Along with the IoT integration, the Vivaldi Browser also gets, even more, customization options with version 1.5. I will write different customization options in a separate article.


The Vivaldi version 1.5 gets,

  • Tab Stack Drag and Drop: You can now drag and drop tab stack between windows or in the same window. This is just like rearranging individual tab in a browser.
  • More Accessible Reader View Button: The Reader View button has now been moved to address bad for the easy access. This helps in a better readability option.
  • Automatic screenshots in Notes: Master of taking notes while browsing? Now Vivaldi version 1.5 helps you with automatic addition of web page screenshot from which you are taking the note. This is on by default and can be turned off in the settings.

Talking about the version 1.5, Jon says,


We want our browser to be intelligent and create new experiences and services. Thinking beyond a browser and entering the real world is not only adventurous but also encourages the spirit of innovation and experimentation. We are open to new ‘out of the box’ ideas that make your browsing experience more creative and pleasurable. Ideas from our users and continuous implementations of those ideas only strengthen our relationship with them.

You can try the latest version of Vivaldi and get your mind blown! Download it now.

Download Vivaldi Browser




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