World’s First Modular Smartwatch BLOCKS to Hit Kickstarter Campaign on October 13


A startup from the UK is aiming to build a modular smartwatch which is Google is planning to achieve with Project ARA. The company has announced the world’s first modular smartwatch, BLOCKS to go on a pre-order on the crowd funding website Kickstarter starting October 13.

In terms of the specifications, BLOCKS is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC and an 1.34 inch LCD display. It packs a a larger 400mAh battery. It comes loaded with customized Android Lollipop OS for the smaller display. The device is going to be a waterproof, sports a microphone and low Bluetooth energy for connectivity.

The main USP of the device is, we can have module in place of the stripes that can add extend the functionalities of the smartwatch.


Here is a teaser of the modular smartwatch, BLOCKS and it looks mesmerizing!

The device is going to hit the market soon. The company is looking for backers to produce them. BLOCKS will be coming to Kickstarter on October 13. Following is the launch time for different time zones,

  • 9am PDT (San Francisco – West Coast US)
  • 11am CDT (Chicago – Central US)
  • 12 noon EDT (New York – East Coast US)
  • 5pm BST (London – UK)
  • 6pm CET (Central Europe)
  • 9:30pm IST (Delhi)

Love smartwatch and having a functionality that can help you customize the watch according to your need? BLOCKS is here and block the date and time in your calendar now!

[Update 1] Will be priced between $250 – $280 for the core and modules!




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    I like it

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    Thats a great concept… Will love to see it live..

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