Xiaomi Mi4 End-User Review: Very Nicely Designed Mobile with a Comparatively Rich Look

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We know you have been hearing to lots of review by mobile reviewers and a complete mobile geek. We at LetzWrite have started something new called as End-User Review. Hope this Xiaomi Mi4 end-user review helps you in deciding whether you should buy this device or not.


What is the End-User Review and who did it?

The end-user Review is something where we hand over the device to non-blogger who has very little experience in terms of reviews and stuffs.

To start with, we chose to give Xiaomi Mi4 to NKV Prasad Panthangi for a week. After a week, we just sent across the usual questions which we bloggers come across when somebody wants to buy a smartphone.


FAQ’s on Xiaomi Mi4

What are your thoughts about Mi4?

To sum it up, It’s a very nicely designed mobile with a comparatively rich look and options at the give price.

How do you feel about the build quality of the Mi4?

Nice, The metal border is really cool and the phone seems to be built with good plastic and the touch screen is quite smooth.

Note: It took almost a day for me to open the back panel, I wonder why it is quite complicated.

Have you used any other Android smartphone before. If yes, where does Mi4 stand compared to those.

Of course, it is awesome! The first phone I was using was having a 3.5 inch screen with Android 2.3 OS, that was quite simple and currently using Redmi 1S which feel is as good as MI4 (you call me controversial here!)

But with the great looks and rich UI experience this phone is beyond the best!

How is the camera clarity of the device?

OK! Tried both videos and photos, but I somehow feel its over coloring things!

How is the battery backup? Was is sufficient for day long usage?

Fine! I may not say you can use it for whole day having mobile data activated. But for the basic users, batter may stay live for a day or two.

Did you face any issue with Mi4.

Not I can think of! All good with this device!

How did you feel about the MIUI OS?

Being a MIUI OS user and a fan already, I definitely enjoyed using MIUI. This mobile seems to have a new update compared to what I am having in RedMi 1S, this seems to have more themes and stuff! (Not sure what more it as internally)

Did it take more time for you to get adjusted to MIUI.

A little because of the new update in the OS! But it’s okay later on!

According to you, how different is MIUI when compared to other Android based UI.

MIUI has an Apple iPhone OS kind look with larger support for Android OS. Using an MIUI device makes me feel like utilizing both the best Mobile OS’s in the market in very affordable price.

What are the best features of Mi4 or MIUI OS you felt very useful?

Mi4 is a solid built mobile with pleasant features/themes provided by MIUI. Good video viewing/capturing experience and may be the first Non Heating MI device (my own opinion)

What are the pros and cons of the MI4?

Please try to figure this out by yourself with the answers to be above questions.

Do you think Mi4 is worth buying for Rs. 19,999.

Well, I may not buy as I don’t really believe in spending lot on mobiles!

However, those who have a this budget and want to buy any BRAND (those which has ambassadors and ads on TV) phones, I would suggest it’s worth purchasing it as this has edge all over them.

Would you recommend it to your colleagues, friends and relatives.

Definitely, yes!

But, considering mode of purchase and the stock being kept for every sale, I may not be able to convince them to wait and purchase it only through a specific web store.

Anything else you would like to add about the device or MIUI OS.

GO for it guys! I don’t see regrettableness in purchasing this awesome mobile over an overly compensated fruit named company mobile or a Branded company device just for the show off!




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