ZUS – The Smart Car Charger & Locator is a Must Have

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While the world isn’t ready for smart cars yet, Nonda, a smart hardware startup based in Palo Alto has replaced a conventional product like a car charger and made it smart. ZUS charges up your devices at twice the speed and also packs a car locator which helps you find your car with the iOS and Android ZUS app.

ZUS communicates to your smartphone via Bluetooth to save your car’s location using the phone’s built-in GPS. When heading back towards the car, simply open the ZUS app and follow the red arrow for directions. All of this without using your mobile data.

About durability and ruggedness, ZUS has a titanium coating with German Bayer material and is the only car charger to meet US Military MIL-STD-810G high-temperature standard. Here is a HALT temperate test of ZUS vs. ANKER to give you an idea about how ZUS stands up to ANKER.

In our tests, the charger did live up to its claim of being the fastest car charger, it powered up a Samsung Galaxy S7 and an Apple iPad Mini in no time at all.

How is ZUS car charger

For a gadget which is priced at $29.99 it surely is value for money and a must have. One could simply get ZUS to stop wandering across large parking spaces or streets to find their car, it being a great charger is the cherry on top of the cake.




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